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    Great service after engine problem..

    The night before last (Thursday) my 997S suddenly lost power and felt like it was 'firing on 3 cylinders'. A warning message stated "Check engine - take to workshop"

    I limped home - only a half mile, parked it in the garage and felt sick!!

    Yesterday morning I rang my OPC who said, "Don't drive it, phone Porsche Assistance and get it over to us".
    Great, I thought, weekend coming up... trip planned on Sunday.

    So I rang Porsche Assistance....within 30 minutes a low-loader collected the car. Then an hour later a Mercedes C-Class courtesy car was delivered to my home. Two hours later the OPC called to say they had located the problem (a crack in the ignition coil) they would do the work straight away and I could collect it this morning. I drove the Merc to the OPC and left it there for collection. By 10.30am I was driving my car again.

    Nice to know that, when problems occur, we're really taken good care of.

    BTW - what causes a crack in the ignition coil.
    I forgot to ask - too keen to get driving again.

    Re: Great service after engine problem..

    John H said:

    Nice to know that, when problems occur, we're really taken good care of.

    Good to hear!

    But now for some comedy:

    The tow truck operator got yelled at by his boss for being chronically late to work (for a drug problem), and the guy got yelled at by his wife who told him she'd throw him out of her house if he got fired again. Therefore the tow guy got over to you super fast!

    The P dealership made a mistake by delivering the car to you. Someone in the office sarcastically said "It would be nice to send a MB to that guy... ," however the hearer didn't get the sarcasm and actually sent the MB car to you!

    When the big boss heard they actually sent _HIS_ MB (loaned to him as a dealer perk) to you he scowled "get that car back NOW!" So the mechanic was theatened to get YOUR car fixed first (removing a another hapless P-car fom his lift to do it) so they could get the bosses job-perk MB back fast!

    Moral: Whatever happens is fine- as long as we get our cars back promptly.

    Re: Great service after engine problem..

    Glad it is fix and you are back driving.

    Re: Great service after engine problem..

    Cracked ignition coil is very unusual.
    It sounds like a materials defect or weakness.

    Glad you got great service.

    Re: Great service after engine problem..

    John, which OPC did you use?

    Re: Great service after engine problem..

    Maybe someone's put a rocket up the UK Dealer Network's ar$e after reading bad press on this board!

    Good to hear you had a good experience, and thanks for telling us.

    Re: Great service after engine problem..

    Porky Tokyo said:
    John, which OPC did you use?

    The OPC is in Wilmslow in Cheshire, where I bought the car. But what impressed me most was the service from Porsche Assistance. They were friendly, efficient and prompt - can't praise them highly enough.

    Re: Great service after engine problem..

    Wow! I love hearing good news like this.

    I think it is important for people who provide good service to have their efforts made known to the wider community.



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