Hello everybody,
I read the post regarding the front plate in the 997's and it is a problem both because it looks ugly and not very aerodynamically, so I took the advice of one of your posts about putting the license plate on the opening under the bumper. The pictures will illustrate how it looks like.
The question I have, is it going to be a problem since it seems that the license plate is covering about half the opening and since I have a Tiptronic there is a cooling unit in that opening ? also if that is the case would making holes on the license plate help ?
The license plate is attached using Industrial strength Velcro both inside the opening and on the brackets.
Having said all that I haven't yet tested it, I do hope it works.
List of items needed:
Two start ties (thin ones so they can be bent)
Plastic spray paint (so the aluminum Start ties don't scratch the paint)
Stainless steel nuts and bolts and Lock nuts # 10-24
Industrial strength Velcro (the backing supposlly has a stronger adhesive)
I hope it works.