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    Re: 24H Le Mans

    Go Ferrari

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    I'm surprised Audi pulled out another win. I really thought Peuguot had them.

    I think they may have to break LMP1 into two classes; LMP1-D (Diesel) and LMP1-G (Gasoline)

    And what the HELL happened to Porsche in GT2?! The first 4 cars were Ferrari. Porsche dominated endurance racing.

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    There were more Ferraris in the paddock so their chances of winning were greater but endurance racing does not favor anyone really. Here is a copy and paste of what I wrote on the very same topic about the Porsche RSRs

    The Flying Lizard car was hit from behind by the IMSA Matmut car, which both were leading the class before the collision. The IMSA car could not reach the pits because it lost one of its wheels during the contact and could not make it to the pits. The Lizard car came in and had severe bodywork damage on all sides, a broken rear wheel, two broken radiators, and right rear suspension damage. Then later in the race Seth Neiman made contact with a tire wall so the crew is worked on radiator replacement, bumper and fender replacement/repair, and repairing the front of the under tray. After the repairs Seth went out but to come back in again as he reports there was some vibration in the car that lead to another lengthy stop as the crew maked adjustments and checked the alignment again. By this time the car dropped a significant amount of laps of the leading cars (about 37 down the leading car and 20 laps from the next position at one point). But the Lizard RSR was by far the fastest GT2 car out there.

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    If they want anyone, other than Audi, to win, they need to break to two classes - Audi & The Rest

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    Discover said:
    If they want anyone, other than Audi, to win, they need to break to two classes - Audi & The Rest

    What they really should do is rewrite the rules for the diesel and petrol engines. The diesel are way to much in advantage to the petrols at this time!

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    Diesel LMP1 = suck butt

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    Modrocket_stereo said:
    Diesel LMP1 = suck butt

    Slight miscalculation with your formula. It should read more like:

    Diesel LMP1 = dominate competition.

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    The ACO has promised to review the rules and do something to address the lop-sided pro-diesel rules.
    However, as Peugeot did not win, I wonder if their eagerness to tackle this issue is still as elevated as it was at the start of the race.

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    As long as the main players in LMP1 are diesel, what difference does it make?

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    I agree that any other team would have had a hard (read: impossible) time to beat the diesel cars but one has to bear in mind that the diesel cars are developed with major funds by manufacturers. The remaining cars (Courage, Pescarolo etc.) are on a whole different level in terms of development speed and efforts.
    Yet it is worth noting that the Aston Martin - engined car was very competitive and would have had the chance to get into the phalanx of diesel cars.

    Audi's victory was achieved with quite some effort and due to lucky circumstances. The Peugeot was clearly the faster car in the dry, however Audi had less mechanical issues and a very competitive car in the wet. There will be quite some development effort necessary in the next few months to regain that position in the future.
    The cars have improved about 20 seconds per lap in the last decade, furthermore they are as fast as the cars used to be before the chicanes at Hunaudiere straight were established.

    Impressive effort from both Porsche in LMP2 (first appearance of the RS Spyder at Le Mans) and Aston Martin in GT1. No doubt.

    The leading two Porsches, as described above, hit each other, not sure what happened to the remaining (and temporarily leading) RSR from Felbermayr.

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    Ferdie said:
    The leading two Porsches, as described above, hit each other, not sure what happened to the remaining (and temporarily leading) RSR from Felbermayr.

    Felbermayr had a gearbox problem and lost one hour for repairs during the night.

    Re: 24H Le Mans

    reginos said:
    As long as the main players in LMP1 are diesel, what difference does it make?

    As long as the rules are lop-sided favoring diesels, we will not see a Porsche LMP1



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