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    Picture Cayenne dashboard without PCM?

    Does anyone have a picture off a Cayenne dashboard without PCM?

    Re: Picture Cayenne dashboard without PCM?

    I don't Dedam but I assume it's like the SL without PCM.
    First you don't imagine those cars without PCM.
    So it's hard to find pics, but on the SL, the screen is slightly smaller and you just have infos like onboad computer and radio etc.
    So on the Cayenne, my guess is, it could be the same screen (saves costs) only no GPS

    Re: Picture Cayenne dashboard without PCM?

    Well, there are no pictures available yet. I pushed our dealer to get some and he finally called the person-in-charge in Zuffenhausen. But this man doesn't have any pics either. In Germany, the S comes with a standard-sized Becker CD-radio (CDR-23) as standard equipment. Definitely no monitor and size like PCM II. Our dealer said that the order rate for the PCM stands by 99% which may be the reason that there are no pics . Well, we finally ordered PCM anyway (better resell value)...

    Re: Picture Cayenne dashboard without PCM?

    I'm working on it but it seems difficult to get a picture without PCM. All press cars seem to have PCM and the first batch of dealer cars too.

    Well, here's a picture I just got via e-Mail but...

    ...the quality isn't too good.

    It seems that I know a place where there is a Cayenne S without PCM but I'm not sure I'll be able to get there until next week or so. I also don't know if it will be available for taking pictures at the time I get there. Maybe I'm lucky.

    Thanks from all of us Cayenne folk!

    You are one hard working guy. I couldn't find a photo of that anywhere ( although I feel certain I've seen it ).

    Re: Picture Cayenne dashboard without PCM?

    To my surprice my dealer had a Cayenne without PCM
    It looks very nice without PCM
    On the picture is a Cayenne Dashboard without PCM and Alu trim
    The standaard so called Titan trim looks also good (3e Picture)

    Special thanks to Hr van Ham (Porsche Rotterdam)

    Standaard steering wheel and standaard trim

    Re: Picture Cayenne dashboard without PCM?

    Happy to hear that. My dealer also got a car without PCM but your posting saved me a drive to him. Thanks.

    I'm not sure I like the dash without PCM. Looks quite empty if you ask me. But if you don't need the PCM, there is no reason to order it.

    Re: Picture Cayenne dashboard without PCM?

    Looks like Har's photo found it's way into this week's Auto Spies:



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