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    Hard break-in

    Heard from a friend about "Hard Break-in". Don't have the exact details but it goes something like this. First 20 miles, you red-line to each gear with 15min of cooling time in between. Drain all the oil and replace with NON-synthetic oil. Drive 500 miles and replace with synthetic oil.

    As mentioned, it's not the exact protocol but it goes something like that.

    Any ideas or comments?

    Re: Hard break-in

    if you have a difficult time delaying gratification, id say go for it and good luck

    Re: Hard break-in

    ...and the benefit compared to following the break-in described in the Porsche 997 Turbo manual is exactly what?

    Re: Hard break-in

    If you have problems they will see if you've been hitting the rev-limiter during breakin. Can't remember where I read or heard this but Porsche will nail you (cancel warrenty) if you have to make a warrenty claim.

    The other thing "I read or heard" is you should be nice for at least the first 200 miles as the rings seat. Simply vary engine speeds alot and do not ream the cr*p out of it.

    BTW, The oil change thing your friend describes sounds insane to me.

    Re: Hard break-in

    I remember a thread a while ago about hard break ins. Something about it seating the piston rings better than normal. It also recomended an oil change within the first 2-500 miles. This is the method my dad used on his car and he sees 1.1 bar with 91 octane!

    Re: Hard break-in

    How do professionals break-in new engines for F1, NASCAR etc. if at all?

    Re: Hard break-in

    My guess is hard

    Re: Hard break-in

    i had a 996 GT3 that was the porsche driver trainer car for the first 5000k's . rotors needed replacing before i purchsed it . driven very hard and it was one of the strongest cars in my club on dyno runs and at the track . i have heard the harder driven the better , don't know what is right and wrong . car never missed a beat in the 2 years of my ownership

    Re: Hard break-in

    MMD said:
    If you have problems they will see if you've been hitting the rev-limiter during breakin. Can't remember where I read or heard this but Porsche will nail you (cancel warrenty) if you have to make a warrenty claim.

    I doubt this very much.

    The DME will only record the number of ignitions at various RPM over revs:

    Range 1 is 7300 RPM to 7500 RPM
    [Skipping Range 2-5]
    Range 6 is is 9500 RPM to 11,00 RPM (ie downshifting damage)

    PIWIS can not retreive the number of hours the engine had logged when each event happened...only the number of hours logged when the LAST event happened.

    Re: Hard break-in

    Your Porsche engine was broken in at the factory. The advice Porsche gives in the owners manual has more to do with the rest of the car (AWD, gearbox, Transmission, Tires, Brakes, suspension, etc. and most of all getting familiar with your car). Another issue is Porsche doesn't want people to get alarmed about excessive oil consumption which can happen early on and is a normal part of the break-in process.

    Although the engine is "broken in" at the factory it is still very "tight" especially for the first 500 miles. Its a good idea to vary your rpms and not "lug" the car around in the wrong gear. The main reason for driving a new car this way is so the piston rings "seat properly".

    After 250 miles I took my car to 5500 RPM and by 500 miles I took it to redline. I have over 1000 miles now (did an oil/filter change myself at 1000 miles). At this point I always make sure to keep the rpms up AFTER the engine reaches the proper temperature. This is not rocket science or proven fact, just my approach and my opinion. I always make a point to drive the Porsches I have owned more on the aggressive side than not. Porsche reccomends a minimum of 6000 miles a year (read your warranty booklet) driven on a regular basis. My mechanic told me that the cars with the most problems are the ones driven the least. By the way prior to 250 miles my car would blow a bit of blue smoke on initial startup in the morning. After I took her to redline this has never happened again. Is this cause and effect taking place? Who knows? I just call it like I see it. This topic has been discussed extensively so just do a search and follow good common sense. For what its worth the Porsche Turbo's engine has a history of being "bulletproof".

    Re: Hard break-in

    Consider when RS Tuning or Ruf build complete brand new tuned engines - they run them in on their engine dynos and have a "program" specifically for doing this.
    I don't know the exact details of this "run in" program but it certainly can't last for the equivalent of 200 miles (the neighbours would get pretty upset with the dyno cell humming for that long )
    Once the "run in" has been completed the oil is changed and the engine mapped with full power and maximum revs being held under load for longer than most will ever do on the road



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