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    Living with a 612 as a regular driver?

    Hi all, I’ve been looking at prices, my needs & desires, my wife’s tolerances ;) etc. and I’m seriously thinking of getting a 612 as a regular (not daily, but 3-4 times a week) driver.

    Does anyone have real life experience owning and driving one of these? Pros/Cons? Maintenance? Is putting 5k km a year or so over the next 4+ year going to really destroy the resale? How useable are the rear seats? I don’t expect to be able to put my 6’5” brother –in-law in the back but can normal people fit and be comfortable for a 45 minute drive?

    I love the understated looks, the sound and the fact I can put my 3 year old in the back. I hate buying new so it’s this or a 997 of some type most likely.



    Past-President, Porsche Club of America - Upper Canada Region

    Re: Living with a 612 as a regular driver?

    No cons except for the winter driving in Canada of course. I own a 05 manual 612 (less than 100 in US) for 4 years and love it. An adult can actually fit in the back. The car has been very reliable, only things replaced were "disposable" things like battery, TPMS sensors. Maintenance is at Ferrari costs, but once a year service is enough (expect 2.5 time a regular 911). The car drive a lot smaller and nimble than you would think. I bought the car had 14k miles and now has 28k. Don't be afraid to drive it. Torque is enormous except coming from turbo cars. The price has not bottomed yet but we can't be too far from it, it is too good a car with modern features (stability control, a decent interior unlike the 465, adjustable suspension, a good stereo). Go for it.

    Of course it is an italian car. They can be a love/hate relation. Window switches are flimsy and expensive, it might rattle a bit. But the driving feel it procures can only be reached in a GT3...

    Re: Living with a 612 as a regular driver?

    I drove mine every weekday and loved it.  The back seats are quite usable, tall teenagers  do reasonably well for an hour, and frequently i could fit three Labradors back there 

    The cars are quite reliable, maintenance is reasonable, i just drove the sh.t out of mine with no issues.  My wife really liked it both as passenger and to drive.  If you can find metallic gold/tan (cant remember f name but not ingrid) with cuiou its stunning.  The best looking one ive seen is in malibu right now a deep wine burgundy red w couio, hard to find but simply elegant and gorgeous.

    of course buy the newest year you can afford


    Re: Living with a 612 as a regular driver?

    Unfortunately I could not drive the car for 7 months after hurricane Sandy and the car needed a new clutch even it was stored indoor (but not heated). Something about the bearing being seized. This was the first major maintenance event in the last four years ($7k), and would not have happened if the car battery wasn't dead and we could have driven it...



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