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    Door alignment problems

    I went to pick up my new car last week and noticed that that the rubber strip that runs at the bottom of the window did not align exactly between the rear window and passenger side window. The strip was visibily lower on the door than on the rear window. Then I loooked looked at the gap around the passenger side door and noted that the gap was not uniform and was narrower than the gap on the drivers side door. I looked at other 2005 and 2006 at the dealership and noted that NONE had the misaligned rubber strip but the alignment of the door in the body of the car was far from uniform around the entire door gap. Again, though, not as noticeable as the car I ordered.

    I am not sure that I want this car. The dealership said that the door can be adjusted to some degree.

    My question is this. Has anyone had a similar situation and is so can the door be adjusted. Frankly, I expected better fit and finish from Porsche.

    Thanks for your reply,


    Re: Door alignment problems

    That is unexpected. Hopefully the car wasn't damaged and repaired.


    Re: Door alignment problems

    Get them to fix it to your satisfaction or just bail on it.

    Re: Door alignment problems

    ive had the same problem with the rubber band thing..but i noticed it after a while. I fixed it myself! but i dono if it was as bad as yours. I think it was a minor rubber misalignment

    Re: Door alignment problems

    Mine is slightly misaligned as well - not enough to be worried about however. It's a recent thing though - it wasn't like that when I took delivery. I guess its possible there is a design weakness in the hinges.

    Re: Door alignment problems

    After reading your post, I went to the parking lot to look. No problems to report here.If you are not 100% it can be resolved to your satisfaction, move on. Too much money to say "what if".

    Re: Door alignment problems

    Appreciate the feedback!

    I definitely will not accept the car the way it is. It also raises additional concerns about why and whether or not there was any damage. I really doubt it but to pay close to $90k for an car that has a misaligned rubber strip between the rear quarter and door and then not have uniform spacing around the doors is just not acceptable to me.

    So I assume by the responses that the door can be adjusted? The dealership assures me that by adjusting the door and the rubber strip both will be perfectly aligned. Only time will tell.



    Re: Door alignment problems

    Be careful!! After " adjustment", look at the door from 5 to 10 feet away and from different angles.Lines must be PERFECT. We're talking PORSCHE. Good luck

    Re: Door alignment problems

    I just got back from the dealership and looked at about 6 2005 and 2006 997's and NONE of the gaps are uniform from door to door or side to side. In fact, since they are essentially hand built, the dealership told me that not only Porsche but other German makes spend more time and money on what is on the inside rather than what is on the outside. I did not find ONE car that had uniform spacing as noted above. So I am satisfied that that is the way the cars are manufactured. The dealership did "tweak" the passenger side door and the rubber strip does line up better but it is not perfect and neither was any of the other new cars that I inspected. And my inspection was not only visible but I actually measured the gap with a pad of "post it notes" that were sized to fit in the door gap at various points and then compared one side of the car with the other and one side of the bonnett with the other and one side of the boot with other and so on.......

    I also spoke the midwestern regional manager after he inspected my car and he stated that the doors, bonnet and boot are all hand hung and thus are subject to very minor variations is the gap. He also stated that Porsche is more concerned with suspension, engine, brakes, etc and all the little things that I would never see. It is just a difference in corporate philosohy. In fact, he stated that the Japanese brands are much more concerned with the "superficial" and therefore I would find more uniformity in their fit and finish than in Porsche's fit and finish.

    You learn something new every day!!!

    Re: Door alignment problems

    red911 said:... and NONE of the gaps are uniform from door to door or side to side...!

    My car's doors, front and rear hood gaps are uniform. I would not take anything less.

    Re: Door alignment problems

    You get a pad of "post it notes" and tear off enough notes so that the pad fits in the gap at the top and of drivers side door and I will guarantee you 100% that the gap is NOT uniform down the door and also that the passenger side door gap is smaller than the driver side door gap.

    I did this to 2-2003, 2-2004, 3-2005 and 3-2006 and not ONE of the cars had uniform door gaps!!!

    Also be sure to run the pad all the way around both doors. You will also note that the gap is not only different from side to side but it different as the pad moves around the door. I am not being critical of the car just pointing out that Porsche and Perfection are not synonymous. I will probably still buy the car but am surprised that the overall build quality is not at a higher level. I don't know if I would say that I am disappointed but I am surprised.



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