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    Re: Panamera in Shanghai

    I almost jumped in on the same band wagon, I also wanted to go for a Cayenne Turbo S Facelift (I currently only the 1st gen Turbo S) .

    Then, it was a Maserati Quattroporte GT Sport, I also considered a Panamera Turbo.

    Finally, I think I'm going to go for a BMW X5 M because I need a lot of space for the family and I also need a SUV which doesn't get a too negative public perception. The X5 is a pretty common SUV over here in Bavaria, nobody will actually know that it is a X5 M.

    I wish I could stay with Porsche but the prices are skyrocketting and I also have to think about public perception. What may not be important in Asia, is VERY important in Germany. I already heard a comment from one of my customers who saw the Panamera in Stuttgart and I won't bother translating to you what he said. Only one thing: not a very positive perception.

    I also doubt that the next generation Cayenne will get a more positive reception among the population and/or the press, the name Cayenne is too much related to "environmental dirty" and extreme fuel consumption.

    Personally, I doubt that the SUV is "dead", I heard the same story when I drove the ML55 AMG. The SUV is going to change, the SUV is going to be lighter and have a slickier design, even a more sporty design to create a different perception (or deception?).

    If you have two kids or even more, there is no real alternative to a SUV. Of course there are stationwagons and limousines but whoever enjoyed the comfort and space of a Cayenne  knows what I'm talking about. This may not be the right car for everybody with family but for US, a SUV is just perfect and the kids love it too.

    If the SUV I'm driving has 500-600 HP...the better. Daddy needs to have some fun too. 


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor 997 Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S, BMW M3 Cab DKG, Mini Cooper S JCW

    Re: Panamera in Shanghai

    RC - I completley agree what you say around perception in Germany. It is indeed important if you run your own business in a small city. People will demonstrate you clearly that they dont like what you drive and punish you with giving deals to your competitors. It is sad, but Germany is a the country of jealousy!

    I think a XM5 will be a great choice. The car handles great with the dynamic components. My father has an X5 3.5d with all the dynamic components and already this car is handling very direct and sporty. It is amazing to drive through an fast Autobahn corner with 220 km/h without the car having bended at all. Seeing this, I only can imagine how good the XM5 will work.

    And - regarding the Panamera. I guess as far as I know you, if that car would look more stunning, you might even consider it, but rear view of this car will always be a compromise!

    Re: Panamera in Shanghai

     RC, I think you make the best choice... the X5M is really good value for the money. I personally prefer the non M X5/6 because I really don´t like the tuning looks of the front bumper.. but as I said.. maybe the best choice at this moment. Just one question what about the X6 M? Soo  less space, or just the looks?


    Re: Panamera in Shanghai

     RC, go with your personal instincts, not the perceived disapproval of others. If your instincts are saying stay with Porsche, stay with Porsche.  My guess is many more folks will admire your individuality than resent your purchase.  

    in France, all is see is Peugeots.  In Germany, all is saw was black Audis and BMWs.  Go for individuality and your personal preferences.  Your customers are looking for good service, and will stick with you if you provide it.



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