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    Car Sounds

    Been to the Porsche website and listened to the sounds files of the Carrera GT and the GT3,
    Funnily enough, I think that the GT3 sounds better
    But both are great of course,
    If you like music, nothing like a nice NA engine
    Just read the review of Autocar mag out today
    According to them, the GT3 is simply the best 911 of all time

    Re: Car Sounds

    I listened to CGT sound and I truly thought it was a Ducati. Sounded like a motor cycle.

    GT3 Video clips

    Has anyone figured out how to save the GT3 Video clips as
    a video file?


    Re: GT3 Video clips

    I use a Mac and usually I right click on the Qicktime file and click save as source but those clips won't let me do that.
    According to a friend of mine who is good at computing, this is because the file is protected, i.e. PAG doen's want you to save it.
    Am I wrong?
    But if you have Broadband, then it's ok, it doesn't take too long to DL them and both clips are great,
    my fav is the Leipzig run, what an engine noise!!!
    Sounds better than the Modena IMO, more metallic, not as artificial, you can tell, it feels like the noise comes more from the engine than the exhaust,
    And that power slide on the hairpin turn is just brilliant
    I personnally don't like much the big wing but in a darkish color, I could seriously live with it!
    Plus I've noticed that this model can be equipped with some comfort goodies such as CD player, air con, even a cruise control, this is quite good for potential costumers who want to use their cars both on road and tracks or only on roads as a matter of fact
    I LOVE that car!!!
    PS: Do you think the sport exhaust is available for the GT3 too? Not too sure as the engine and hence exhaust are very different from the standard 996. Suggestions otherwise like cargraphic or others? Thanks.

    Re: GT3 Video clips

    I tried to find the link on the porsche website but was unsuccessful. Could someone please provide me with the link for these videos.




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