Before going to the Patriot's football game in Miami, I went to Champion Porsche and they had four Carrera GTs on the lot. We don't see cars like that in "Cow" Hampshire. Nevermind four in one place! All the cars were obviously pre-sold, but scattered around the dealer for anyone to see and touch. I was amazed that a $300k-$400k? car was displayed so irreverently. I was thinking test drive, but you know how that story ends.
Coming back to snow, ice, and salt is always deeply troubling for me, especially since my new 997s is in storage and waiting for better weather. I'm a little cautious after running my brand new '99 996 into a stone wall during a minor snow squall Maine while carefully driving 10mph. Five minutes before that moment, I thought I was on top of the world driving a new Porshe. All the talk of incoming new cars this winter and unavailible snow tires gave me unpleasant flashbacks to that crushing moment. I wouldn't wish that life lesson any any car fan(even the boring ferrari dude).


------Cheers to the best Carrera ever and to long dry winding empty roads to drive them on. Jingle Bells and Happy New Year.