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    UK 987 Brochure Text

    It's taking me a while to type this up, but here is the first section:

    Where Sport Begins.
    The new Boxster and Boxster S

    The new Boxster represents perfection of form and function. The flow characteristics of the outer skin have been further optimised. The underbody is now almost completely lined to give a further significant improvement in lift and aerodynamic values, as evidenced by the excellent drag coefficient of the Boxster (0.29) and Boxster S (0.3) Even at first glance, the new Boxster promises exciting performance.

    The two Boxster models deliver a driving experience of pure sportiness. With each touch of the accelerator, the dynamic qualities are revealed immediately. The powerful horizontally-opposed engines ensure superb acceleration, while the proven mid-engine concept permits an almost perfectly balanced weight distribution. The low centre of gravity and the optimised chassis ensure excellent road holding in every situation. The lightweight design - which sees aluminium used for both front and rear luggage
    compartment lids - means that the new Boxster models carry no unnecessary weight.

    The rigidity of the body has also been increased. These measures provide unconditional driving pleasure. Especially when combined with the new steering and optional Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system. The option new Sport Chrono Package further emphasises the performance
    character of the vehicle.

    However these measures are just part of the story of the new Boxster and its performance limits. Porsche Stability Management (PSM) is now a standard feature and is configured for greater driver involvement to ensure sporty driving dynamics. The optimised braking system ensures stability, while the new Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) is available as an option on the Boxster S for the first time. The new Boxster wins further points for its practicality. For example its two luggage compartments or the optional hardtop make it totally practical the whole year round, whatever the weather.

    The new Boxster models are powered from the centre. Their light, powerful 6-cylinder mid-engines are characterised by a lively response, lower emissions and fuel consumption, impressive smoothness and extended oil change intervals.

    The total output of the new Boxster has been increased to 240 bhp. The Boxster S is an even more athletic interpretation of the Porsche roadster concept. Thanks to its 3.2 litre horizontally opposed engine developing 280 bhp, the Boxster S sprints from 0 to 62 mph in 5.5 seconds. Its top speed: 167 mph.

    The action of the five speed manual gearbox on the Boxster has been reduced and more finely tuned to permit faster, more precise gear shifts. The same applies to the six speed manual gearbox on the Boxster S, also available as an option for the Boxster. Both models are also available with the optimised five speed Tiptronic S as an option.

    The cornering stability is exemplary, even with high lateral acceleration. The directional stability is
    revolutionary. Quite simply, everything you'd expect from Porsche.

    Engine Statistics Boxster / Boxster S:
    Max Power: 240 bhp at 6,400 rpm / 280 bhp at 6,200 rpm
    Max Torque: 270 NM at 4,700 rpm / 320 NM at 4,700 rpm
    0-62 mph: 6.2s / 5.5s
    Top Speed: 159mph / 167mph
    Fuel Consumption (Combined): 29.4 mpg / 27.2 mpg

    More to come in a while...

    Re: UK 987 Brochure Text

    The new Boxster looks purposeful even when stationary. The revised aesthetic blends powerful presence with an understated elegance and style. This is as obvious from the overall appearance as it is from the details: the track has been widened by up to 35mm, the body by 21mm. The wheels have also been upgraded: the new Boxster is now equipped with 17 inch wheels as standard, the new Boxster S with 18 inch wheels. 19 inch wheels are available for both models as an option.

    Each and every line of the new Boxster and Boxster S radiates pure sportiness: the newly designed door handles, the double arm exterior mirrors, the taut and curving mid section. The new headlights with integrated indicator lights are unique to the new Boxster and instantly recognizable at night. The fog lights and marker lights are housed in a separate module in the respective front air inlets.

    The side air inlets are larger and serve to emphasise the sporting appearance. Equally characteristic and unique is the familiar engine sound from the newly designed tailpipes.

    The finishing touch for the two new models is the attractive colour palette for the exterior: in addition to the four solid colours and eight metallic colours, there are also five special colours available. You can choose between four different colours for the convertible top. With the new Boxster models, performance also becomes an expression of individuality.

    The dynamism of the exterior is seamlessly continued into the completely new design of the interior. The lines are pleasing, the materials of an even higher quality, the ergonomics exemplary, the passenger compartment even more spacious. The new seats offer better comfort on long journeys and even greater support under performance driving conditions. The optional adaptive sports seats have pneumatically adjustable side bolsters on the backrest and squab to enable greater lateral support. An adapted seat position, extended back rests with improved head restraints and repositioned pedals mean there is now more space in the passenger compartment - particularly for taller drivers.

    Both Boxster models come with a reach and height adjustable three spoke steering wheel.

    All important functions are logically presented within easy reach of the driving seat. They are designed exclusively around the most important element: the driver: This feeling is reinforced by the comprehensive standard equipment with CDR-24 CD radio, air conditioning and on-board computer, to name just a few. The optional Porsche Communication Management system (PCM) has a dedicated DVD navigation module. The Bose Surround Sound system with a total of eleven loudspeakers, including the active subwoofer for a powerful stereo sound, is available as an option.

    Both new Boxster models are fitted with two full size airbags and the new Porsche Side Impact Protection System (POSIP) with two side airbags as standard. Together with the improved crash structure, these ensure increased passive safety, even when the top is down.

    The new Boxster marries sportiness and elegance. Power and agility. Design and comfort.

    It is more athletic, more practical than ever before: a pure bred Porsche.

    Take your seat where sport begins.
    In the new Boxster and Boxster S

    Re: UK 987 Brochure Text

    To ensure that you receive up to date information as it becomes available, you may wish to register on the "Where Sport Begins" microsite at from 8 September



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