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    996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    medium quality (33 Mb) :

    high quality (64 Mb) :


    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    Toast's stile!!!
    he is our rennteam member Max T (toast 4 friends)

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    it's rare to see a driver this good in a home video - NICE JOB!!

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    Where did you learn controlling oversteering so perfectly? I'm still struggling to keep my GT3 on the road on much easier tracks... Great video!

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    really impresive , thanks.

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    Wow! I got car sick just watching this. A real, high speed tour, and just shows how hard professional race drivers work over the length of a race. I am impressed--thanks!

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    sergini said:
    Toast's stile!!!
    he is our rennteam member Max T (toast 4 friends)

    I don't know if I got confussed, but I think in that site,, there's a f360modena vs a f50 video at monza track!!!, the guy driving the modena is also Max T???, whether yes or not, that guy of the modena drives superb, its very precise and I like when he shifts down, very impressive.
    I'm downloading the gt3 video, so I guess this is another excellent video I assume!

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    Guys I'm really glad that you enjoyed that video: driving around the Nordschleife is one of the best experiences that an enthusiast like me can do!

    That video shows the last lap that I did after more than 25 laps in 2 days...I started to take too much confidence with the Nurburgring and I decided to stop lapping. I think that everybody knows how dangerous this track can be when you started to be confident of yourself and of your car!

    I would love to be a professional driver...but unfortunatelly I'm not! I'm "just" someone who really loves to drive (no matter what kind of car, can be a GT3 or my Speed Yellow Mini Moke!! ) and who try to learn and to be every time more experienced during trackdays.

    P.S. The guy driving the 360 in the video with the F50 was our moderator LG!! I was sitted next to him...what a great time we had that day!!

    P.P.S. A little new video showing how tricky can be the GT3 when you are running completely out of tyres (and you don't do anything to prevent oversteer!! :)

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    Hi Max T, just wanted to say you drive like a professional!!.

    I thought I was inccorect about the video of the modena vs the f50!!, ohh man that's probably the best vid I've seen, its just driving to the limit!1.
    Congratulations to your friend for keeping up with a f50!!!, if there are any more videos of that modena just let me know!.
    Ohh and thanks for sharing your magnific extra videos of the gt3!!!, your gt3 sounds awesome!!1

    So I guess that was you the guy shouting inside in the modena while cathing up with the f50??, NIce!!

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    Max T, I just saw your two videos!!!.
    My heart started to accelerate as well. Excellent!!
    I guess some day I can drive and control the car like you do in the turns!!!

    Re: 996 GT3 around Nordschliefe video in car

    Nice video, thanks for sharing.



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