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i called newport auto ctr. in socal and described my sooty left tailpipes to my svc. advisor.. his reply was," no check engine light, no problem." not good enough for me. 7k miles on new engine. i'm getting a second opinion...

Get a compression check. Insist on it. If they won't do it go to an independent shop (preferably one that supports Porsche Club of America) and have a compression check. Then take result to dealer and start b*tching.

Here's a question from Panorama magazine Q&A tech section:


I'm getting heavy black soot on the right exhaust only. It's bad enough to coat that area of the body near the right exhaust pipes. I'm not noticing any smoke. I've broken the car in carefully. Oil consumption is exactly 1 QT/1000 miles. I've added 3.5 QTs in 3500 miles. Any recommendations or thoughts as to the cause?

You might be using oil only in maybe one cylinder on the right bank and that is giving you the black soot on the exhaust. Wait until you have about 6000 miles on the engine and see if the soot goes away after the engine breaks in. If is doesn't, I would do a cyl leakage check on the right side. There might be a ring problem there

Peter Smith - PCA WebSite - 8/8/2005

Interesting. I'm getting a buildup of soot on my left exhaust pipes - inside them - which means the source is probably one or more cylinders on the right side, and I now have 7,754 miles. The oil consumption has dropped considerably since I had an oil change at 5,392 miles. After the oil change last November, the reading on the electronic dipstick went to just over full by the time I got it home from the dealer. Now, after 2,362 miles of driving, the reading has gone back to the full mark. And I have cleaned out the exhaust pipes so I know that the soot is fresh. I did some heavy driving this past Wednesday and noted some more soot. Since my oil consumption has dropped considerably, I'm not as concerned as Lorenzo, but I still will keep a lookout for excessive soot and excessive oil consumption.