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    New Caterhams!

    Caterham has presented a new model.
    Note the unique dashboard layout!

    2.0-Inline4 with 200 or 260 hp
    0-60 in 3.5 and 3.1 sec.
    Vmax in 225 / 250 kph


    Re: New Caterhams!


    Re: New Caterhams!


    Re: New Caterhams!


    Re: New Caterhams!

    nice pics ferdie ,this car seems so fast ,i never drove any caterham before ,i should start thinking about it..

    Re: New Caterhams!


    I am curious to drive one either.

    Anyways, I would never want to be in a crash with that car.
    3.1 sec for acceleration sounds very impressive though I'd estimate it is done with one single passenger in the car. That's the way Lotus Elise's (and therefore also the Opel Speedster's) acc. times were aquired - no magazine was able to achieve them due to the equipment on the testcars (usually two passengers & test electronics).

    Data Logger

    Ferdie said:
    ... no magazine was able to achieve them due to the equipment on the testcars (usually two passengers & test electronics).

    A simple data logger would be sufficient. These weigh almost nothing. The data can be analysed later. So no need for a passenger.


    Re: Data Logger

    for a minute i thought it was a V8 !!!

    they are actually making a V8 caterham

    Re: New Caterhams!

    Ferdie said:
    Anyways, I would never want to be in a crash with that car

    Nothing more to add...

    Re: New Caterhams!

    RC said:
    Ferdie said:
    Anyways, I would never want to be in a crash with that car

    Nothing more to add...

    I agree, but people ride motorcycles on this board and I would think the Cat is significantly safer than that...

    Re: New Caterhams!

    Yes, not the safest car but you have to consider they are obviously not used as daily drivers, so like Grant says, in such perspective if we are going to compare the safety of "focused or specific weekend use" vehicles, motorcycles for example, are more accident prone since they are more difficult to "play" with, and more dangerous if you do crash as well. So its not to bad if you don't plan to drive to work everyday in it of course, you could also perfectly say "I would never want to be in a crash with a bike"

    Re: New Caterhams!

    To which amount would racing buckets improve crash safety? I could imagine that, due to the cabin size, you could develop a very strong passenger shell which at least doesn't collapse.

    According to Caterham the chassis was stiffened by 25 percent!
    By the way, prices are 40000 and 49300 Euros respectively.

    Stephen, don't ask me why but many car magazines test acceleration with about 200 kg of weight on the car, including the above mentioned passengers and equipment. I could imagine that they do it as they ever did to have a valid comparison of acc. times now and back a few decades!

    Re: New Caterhams!

    The Caterham is a hell of a car. Nothing with four wheels comes close, not even an Elise of a Speedster. For sure it's no daily driver, but if you use it from day to day, when it's dry and sunny, it's simply great fun.

    Great car to complete your garage!



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