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    Jaguar XK Drive

    Had the opportunity to borrow a new Jag XK Convertible over the weekend, got to say it was a pleasure.

    Drove it over some sweeping x-country roads that I'm very familiar with so could really compare the car.

    First the performance. It's a pretty quick car, although you'd be hard to tell. Unless you drive in 'Sport' the car is so smooth, and the gear changes almost totally unnoticable, that apart from a very nice engine/exhaust note, you really don't feel like you're pressing on - in fact in some ways this is a more likely license loser that some of the faster cars out there as you could find yourself doing silly speeds without realising.

    Next the noise, with the roof up you might as well be in a coupe, no discernable wind noise at all, and a nice low growl from the exhaust when you decided to press on. With the roof down (no wind deflector on this car) there was too much bufforting - the rear winds stay down with the roof dropped which adds to the 'wind in the hair' over kill.

    The ride quality was awe inspiring - the car had the 20" alloys and CATS suspension (think that's standard now) and even deliberatly serching out bumps, dips and cats-eyes the ride never felt unnerved. and if you decided to attack a corner it really seemed to hunker down.

    The cabin... this car was fitted with the upgraded interior and a very nice place to be - the seats seemed almost infinitely adjustable. The dials were a bit fussy for my tastes (another reason officer for my silly speeds!) making them difficult to read, and whilst the nav, heating controls on the touchscreen were a technological master piece I'm glad my g/f was in the car to use them, even trying to put my heated seat on was a challenge.

    Looks, well a lots been said about them, I for one like them - the coupe looks the best (as usual) and the headlights are not nearly as jarring in the flesh as in photos.

    Would I buy one... possibly. At the moment my driving 'profile' is lots of short x-country blasts, and whilst this car can knuckle down when you want it too I probably want something a little rawer - if on the otherhand I was doing longer commutes it would definitely be right up there. nice one Jag, now do this with your other cars.......

    Now, if someone can lend me the R version when it comes out next month I may be tempted....

    Re: Jaguar XK Drive

    Thanks for the report Rich Would I be right in assuming the Jaguar XK-R would be an "economy" re-badged Aston Martin V8?

    As an aside - my first ever cross words with OPC Bournemouth - asking for a loan Porsche whilst my new Boxster S 3.4 goes in for it's post factory collection PDI - yes, I can have a Porsche Cayenne V6 or Boxster 2.7 - but it will cost me Pounds50/day. Or I can have a BMW 1 series FOC.

    A Pounds50k Boxster customer isn't worth Pounds50 goodwill.

    Re: Jaguar XK Drive

    Re the XKR... yes it may well be an 'economy' Aston.. look out for the review here.

    Pounds50, that's a bit off. I though Porsche GB were insisting on Porsche loan cars now, but charging for them?! I've had a 1-series loaner when the Mini was in, hope you live on a billiard table, or it's got the smallest wheels and softest suspension setup. The 118d Sport I had drove fantastic, but ride quality was a dog.

    Re: Jaguar XK Drive

    Rich C (UK) said:
    I've had a 1-series loaner when the Mini was in, hope you live on a billiard table, or it's got the smallest wheels and softest suspension setup. The 118d Sport I had drove fantastic, but ride quality was a dog.

    I believe the BMW ride quality is down to the run-flat tyres, rumour has it that it's been sorted on the new 3 series.

    Re: Jaguar XK Drive

    I'll take a XKR over a Vantage anyday.... Vantage just doesnt apeal to me...
    Thanxx for the review



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