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    Next 3 series spy pics

    not really a sports car -- at least not in non-M3-trim, but maybe of interest... note the attach.

    Re: Next 3 series spy pics

    I bet there's gonna be a 7-series like trunk...
    Very ugly compared to the old one, don't you think ?

    Re: Next 3 series spy pics

    The whole design of BMW has got pear shaped IMO anyway.
    Thankfully, they're still driver's car but they are too ugly for my taste.

    Re: Next 3 series spy pics

    Ugly rear. What's up with BMW and their funcky designs?

    Re: Next 3 series spy pics

    I don't know what they are thinking. That 7 series rear is so strange. And at introduction time, when others made similar comments, BMW's reaction seemed to be that it was cutting edge design and those that didn't agree simply didn't understand art.

    Now this from Autoweek:

    "We have this on the highest authority: Your excuses for wanting to dangle BMW design chief Chris Bangle from a tree for what he did to your beloved 7 Series will be all but eliminated by year's end.

    BMW sources in Germany tell us that Bangle and his team have been hard at work restyling the car since moments after the reskinned 7 premiered to "glaringly negative" reaction at the 2001 Frankfurt show.

    Look for an all-new tail and face, with an improved trunk-lid line and the elimination of the Dame Edna eyebrows (see, then you'll understand) over the headlights.

    With the 5 Series being the big news for the Frankfurt show in September, the redone 7 Series will appear perhaps "as early as Tokyo [Oct. 25 to Nov. 6] or maybe Detroit, but no later," our source reports, following the fastest model redo in the history of the proud Munich firm."

    Re: Next 3 series spy pics

    The weirdest thing is that BMW is doing well at the moment in term of sales, I don't know about the ugly 7 in particular, plus the new Mini certainly helps, but I saw pics of the new 5 in this week's Autocar and it still has that same strange bootlid, not as bad though but still...
    However, there is also a 500phb NA V10, that's nice too, and they're gonna put it in the new 6, which is programmed to weigh more than 1750kg but wait and see,
    a V10 500hp M6 CSL would be nice, withouth the boot please!!!

    Re: Next 3 series spy pics

    Hi Fanch,

    as I live in Munich I already saw the new 5 on the Autobahn.
    It is by far not as ugly as the 7 - i like it very much!


    Re: Next 3 series spy pics

    i heard from someone working at BMW (who doesn't like the 7's looks, btw) that the next 5 series really looks awesome. very dynamic. but who knows? bangle ist still in charge as head of design

    Re: Next 3 series spy pics

    you are right, zzboba - the new 5 looks very dynamic and it is much nicer then E-Klasse or Audi A6.
    I saw the car twice - both times in the evening and both times undisguised.

    It's a good trick to test these cars undisguised - you don't see immediately that this is a new car.
    I thought more than two times "is it possible??" - it surely was!




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