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    Re: Porsche Golf ?

    It's a cute looking car but what is Porsche thinking? Porsche is getting so greedy, they built anything people would buy

    Re: Porsche Golf ?

    This has been discussed over here:

    IMO pure speculation - it's a price sensitive and very competitive market segment. I doubt that the typical customer for this kind of car is willing to spend extra money for the Porsche badge.

    Re: Porsche Golf ?

    It may be a bad idea to sell it as a Porsche (I personally don't really care) but not if it is sold as an Audi. Kind of a spiritual successor of the RS2. If it has Porsche dynamic, good power (250-ish) I will be very interested to get one. It doesn't matter it has an Audi/VW/Porsche badge, if Porsche manage to perform the magic touch, I will be happy to get one.

    Between huge SUV/sedan and a compact hot-hatch, I think the later is more fun-to-drive and also closer to Porsche's sport car origin.

    Price it above the top-end A3, I think it is still interesting.

    Re: Porsche Golf ?

    I like it. In fact the wife has just said, can I pre-order one!

    Re: Porsche Golf ?

    Why must they insist on wanting to start building so many cars?? Why would they want to water down their image to this level!!?? A freaking hatch??? I really hope this isn't true. There will be no such thing as exclusive anymore. I think it's truly sad to take such a marque down to this level. People that want something unique, will really have to start thinking about switching to Ferrari or Lamborghini pretty soon. An SUV, a 4 door, and now a hatch?? Oh, and hybrids in talks, and whatever happened to the small SUV rumor? I love Porsche, don't get me wrong, I have since I was a kid, and currently own 2, but this all really rubs me the wrong way. Sorry for the rant, it just really upsets me.

    Re: Porsche Golf ?

    lol... whats next for porsche ? a diesel station wagon?

    Re: Porsche Golf ?

    dhayek said:
    lol... whats next for porsche ? a diesel station wagon?

    Either that or a mini van.

    Re: Porsche Golf ?

    I was flipping the March issue of CAR magazine last night and came across some interesting info... It was talking about a R36 version of the next gen Golf with 296hp. Coincidentally, the new Cayenne V6, which uses a Porsche-tuned VW V6 is also 3.6 in size and produces 290hp.

    This makes me dream... use the 4wd system uses in S3/R32 and upgrade the brake system that is Porsche-worthy. Keep it at 40K US. Now I can have a POrsche that I can drive everywhere at any weather condition.

    Re: Porsche Golf ?


    VW already has a prototype of a super Golf. I give you the GTI W12 650. (as in 650hp mid-engine W12 TT)



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