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    M4 Convertible

    drove one (LCI car) last weekend.

    was impressed, although I didn't drive it too hard.

    damping is superb, ride is amazingly compliant (even in Sport) on London's awful roads.

    steering was accurate and quick, but not too much feel.

    it sounded fine too, loud but not interesting.

    seems very well built.

    DCT was excellent.

    very little scuttle shake.

    it felt well balanced too.

    despite the weight, it felt nimble (again, did not drive it hard).

    Any one with insights and thoughts please.

    Re: M4 Convertible

    I have and had two F80 and one F82 (that's M3 and M4 for those not familiar with BMW talk) so I'm familiar with the car in general but not specific to the convertible obviously.

    I love the car out on the open road, because it just have so much power and torque that you are never left wanting for more. However, around the city (I live in the city centre pretty much), I would take our M135i every time even not taking into consideration the size factor. The M3/4 just has incredibly bad turning circle. I often have to make a 3 point turn instead of a U-turn which makes it (and you) a real pain. Then there is the weight of the steering wheel. The default mode when you start the engine is sport (likewise with the suspension). This makes it rather heavy for city use. But even if you turn it into normal mode, it is still very heavy. Finally the combination of DCT and low end torque makes this car less smooth than it should be in the start stop city traffic. Couple this with the big low end torque, it's difficult to pull away very quickly in the car without inducing wheelspin. 

    So if you live in central London, don't buy this car to use it in the city. But if you live out in the country side, the M3/4 is a fantastic car, with wonderful front end grip and playful rear end. 

    Re: M4 Convertible

    I live in central London, and I drove it in central London. I found the steering weight just fine, and didn't notice any issues with turning circle, but then I didn't maneuver it much.

    for me, this car is for getting out of London 



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