— Complex (@ComplexMag) March 26, 2014

Such a limited model is quite rare to see, let alone gathering dust in an impound yard in Dubai. The vehicle has said to have been sat in the airport impound parking lot for years, and Dubai police have said that there is an ongoing legal dispute over the vehicle that prevents them from auctioning off the vehicle.

#Abandoned $1.6 million Ferrari Enzo in Dubai parking lot pic.twitter.com/QCnmfx0dgP

— Abandoned (@Abandoned______) January 15, 2014

The Enzo was seized by Interpol as being a suspected stolen vehicle, however the British owner has been in a legal dispute regarding the matter since it’s seizure, while the car is left stuck in the Dubai police impound parking lot. Police have had to move the vehicle to a secure warehouse to stop thieves gaining access or causing damage. They have said that they have received offers for the rare Ferrari however they do not have the permission to sell it.