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    GT3RS Specifications.

    The small airbox on the rear lid and the modification of the engine management results in an incresase in power of roughly 10-15 PS,this increase is however only noticable in speeds over 200km/h.
    Each engine that has been tested by the factory has an output of 390-395PS.
    The tires on the car is not Michelin Pilot Sport Cup as I mentioned in an earlier statement.
    They are Pirelli P Zero Corsa but not the stock ones,
    these has been specially developed for the GT3RS so that they are drivable in rain as well.
    According to Porsche they do not sell cars which you have to sign a waiver statement/form that states that the car is NOT drivable in rain such as BMW customers has to do when they buy the M3 CSL with the Michelin Sport Cup Tires.
    The supension of the car is 2mm lower than the standard GT3
    and has been modified for track driving.
    Climate control is a no cost option and will add another 20-22kg on the cars weight.

    I don't have any confirmation about the planned production number of the car,the statements range from 200 to as much as 1200 cars.

    BTW the car looks really good in person.

    CF, what is the source of this informtion ???

    Re: CF, what is the source of this informtion ???

    I got the info at the IAA show.

    Suspension 2mm lower? Don't you mean 20mm?


    Re: Suspension 2mm lower? Don't you mean 20mm?

    No,they said 2mm.

    Directly from the floor staff ? A handout or orally ?? Thanx

    Re: GT3RS Specifications.

    The "increase" in power isn't actually a real increase.
    The air collector located under the rear wing uses pressure build-up there to supply extra intake air to the engine at high speeds, so that the engine reaches its maximum power output more easy and therefore earlier.
    So you get at certain rpm up to 15 HP more than on the GT3 but maximum engine power still stays the same.
    There are rumors that Porsche actually selects the most powerful engines for the GT3RS but I have no confirmation for that. Up to 400 HP should be possible on good engines, no doubt about it.
    I'm not sure what tires Porsche will use for customer cars but I'm not sure it will be the Corsa. This might be the same story as with the GT3/GT2 where the press cars had Pirelli tires and customer cars got Michelin tires. We should wait and see.

    As far as I heard, Porsche wants to build as many GT3 RS as demand exists. But I'm sure, considering the GT3 RS price tag and the sad fact that this car is not available to the US market, that not too many people will opt for the GT3 RS.
    The GT3 is almost as sporty, costs substantially less and it isn't as "flashy" as the GT3 RS. However: the GT3 RS would definetely be my choice.

    Re: GT3RS Specifications.

    Great info

    Re: GT3RS Specifications.

    Will the tires on the new GT2 be the same type as on the GT3RS?

    Re: GT3RS Specifications.

    thanks for the interesting information, CF

    don't have any confirmation about the planned production number of the car,the statements range from 200 to as much as 1200 cars.

    i can really imagine the fight at the board meetings at porsche:

    wiedking: "the damand is high -- let's build at least 2,000 units!"

    product marketing guy: "no we can't sell out our heritage any more. we have to do at least something to seed new legends, let's keep this car limited!"

    sales guy: "and we should not forget that the demand is high because everybody thinks this car is limited... if it's not, will the demand be still there?"

    ...and actually they have no idea yet...

    Re: GT3RS Specifications.

    Will the tires on the new GT2 be the same type as on the GT3RS?


    The GT3RS will come with a new version of Pirelli P-Zero Corsa while the GT2 comes with the Michelin Pilot Sport.




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