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    What to do What to do...

    Once again I am faced with the car dillema, I am a single guy living in South Florida which allows us to drive a sports car everday, However I am faced with the following ,
    I have a 2000 C2 coupe that I really enjoy driving however I do alot of driving and the car has 38k on it , warranty is over next May however I will hit 50k before then. For the future I am looking at the following for change

    2004 C4s (already ordered) Blk/Blk, 18" Wheels, Xenon, Bose, Carbon Brake/Shifter, Power drivers seat.
    2004 E55 (already ordered) Techtite Grey/ Charcoal, Xenon, CD, Parktronic
    2 very different cars however I drive about 18k per year and even though I do not have a family the E55 is defintly not you everyday grocery getter.
    All things being equal price and availibility mid -Dec 2003 for both, what do I get? I may be tired of the true sports car as one single car. As well in the Porsche I can change the order should I do the metallic black?

    Re: What to do What to do...

    Regarding your 2nd option. Do you have a family and kids and all?

    If you do E55 would be the way if not can't go wrong with C4 S

    Re: What to do What to do...

    C4S otherwise, if you still want a sport-sedan best compromise is to wait for the new M5: 500HP-550HP and BMW handling... its not Porsche but better than than the MB or any other in its class

    Re: What to do What to do...

    C4S definitly.
    E55 is a fast sedan, not a sport car. Errr, sorry Christian

    Re: What to do What to do...

    I agree C4S or if you truly want a sedan get the RS6 or wait for the new M-5 or hey what about a Cayenne Turbo??
    Have you driven one??
    Good luck.

    Re: What to do What to do...

    Get the normal Black C4-S Cab; just the way you ordered it !
    I live in S. Florida, too; and that's the car to have ! Revvv

    Re: What to do What to do...

    And don't forget the sport exhaust!
    345hp would be nice too, but that's a bit overpriced IMO. The sport exhaust however is expensive too but it's a must!!!

    Re: What to do What to do...

    Definitely go with a Porsche! If not, your WILL go thru withdrawal symptoms!



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