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    hello from a new poster

    hello all.
    I just bought a new '04 CT(Titanium) today and love it. Can't believe how well it drives. I think it drives better then my E500.

    I did have a question. I wanted to add rocker panels, side protection mouldings, and wheel opening mouldings but the dealer wanted to charge me $2300 for the parts and another $1300 for install. Is it normal for dealers to charge for install on new purhase cars? I ordered and paid for the parts but promptly canceled upon finding out they were going to charge me $1300 install. I just assumed it would be no charge. Am I mistaken? The price of the parts seem kind of high also.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Re: hello from a new poster

    Wow, you waited almost a year since your registered and this is your first post? Impressive patience.


    I'm afraid your dealer is right charging you install cost.
    What you asked him to do is a retrofit and retrofit isn't free. The Porsche Exclusive/Tequipment parts don't include installation cost, I wish they did.

    However: Porsche provides some sort of time table of how long the installation of a certain part takes. And the time table can be "translated" into money. This is valid for Germany and several other countries only, so it might not apply to your dealer. 1300 USD sounds a little bit high but again, I don't know where you're coming from.
    If you think your dealer charges too much for the parts, check with another Porsche dealer. I can't imagine that official Porsche dealers charge you over MSRP but of course I can't excluded it either. In Germany and other countries this would definetely be a problem.

    The three parts you mentioned cost around 1480 Euro in Germany, without tax. In USD, this would be around 1800 USD at the current exchange rate. And of course you have to add your local sales tax. But again, this would be the german price tag! The install cost however sounds too high to me.
    Maybe this is where you can talk to your dealer to charge only a certain amount.

    You should have talked to your dealer about the retrofit BEFORE you bought your Cayenne. And a last point: Porsche isn't cheap. You better be prepared for that.

    Re: hello from a new poster

    Thanks for your input, RC!

    I went to the dealer this tuesday, placed the order wednesday, which is when I asked him to add the 3 tequipment parts. He said no problem but would take a few more days. I took delivery today(thursday) thinking i can bring it back when they got the parts in to install.

    the install charge was broken down into 2hrs for wheel moulding, 2 hours for side moulding, and 6 hours for rocker guard. That's 10 hours of labor at $95/hr + 200-$300 for painting the side mouldings. if the salesman had told me that there would be a charge for install, i would have no problems. i guess the fact that it was unexpected AND the fact that it seemed high took me by surprise. not the kind of surprise i enjoy.

    anyway, its no big deal. I've owned a 996 before fatherhood matured me to a sedan driver. reading this forum for a year finally convinced me to go test drive a CT. didn't take much after that for me to buy one. so i'm kinda used to the $250 oil changes i don't mind paying alot so long as i don't get cheated.

    Again, thanks for your feedback. It's much appreciated.

    Re: hello from a new poster

    The rocker guards are difficult to install. I think the price you were quoted is about what I paid.

    Welcome to Rennteam!

    Congratulations on your car!



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