Reginos, thanks. Very good instruction of course. Note however, that Porsche Manual didn't tell you to go "as low as reasonably acceptable" on the seat height, like what both Elford and Bentley emphasized. Elford mentioned specifically not worrying about seeing the front fenders, as opposed to Porsche's recommendation, "a good overview of the vehicle."
The thing that blows my mind was the pros' observation that you could "feel the balance" of the car better the lower you sit.

cayenne-ksa, you're welcome & enjoy.

There are a couple of neat diagrams from these 2 books, the one in Elford's actually pretty "funny," that I'll post later as teasers to sell more books. (No my job has nothing to do with or selling books. LOL. Just wanting to share the fun & joy of owning a Turbo.)


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