Real deal? 


Looks more like a Photoshopped picture than the real deal because previous "spy" photographs have included ducting over the engine cover leading to the rear wing.  Furthermore, the lower surface of the wing is free from the two lateral slots shown by Lamborghini as part of its aerodynamic technology.  The two lateral bleed slots when opened stalls the wing, providing less downforce, and consequently less drag, for higher speeds.  Since there are two lateral bleed slots that are actuated separately, this implies that a "torque vectoring" system by selectively applying more downforce to the more lightly loading inside rear wheel, increasing traction through the turn.  This could also be another reason, besides packaging, costs, and project cycle, why rear wheel steering isn't included with this variant; there may not be need for the technology as the dynamic aerodynamic loading technology renders rear wheel steering superfluous.