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    New C2S Cab Available in Speed Yellow / Black

    I have the following car available:

    2005 Carrera S Cabriolet BASE
    Porsche Base Model 88,900.00
    X4 Speed Yellow 0.00
    V9 Black Top 0.00
    AT Black Full Leather 3,315.00
    342 Heated Front Seats 480.00
    431 3-Spoke Str Whl Multifctn lthr 740.00
    446 Wheel Caps with Colored Crest 185.00
    640 Sport Chrono Package Plus 920.00
    670 Navigation for PCM 2,070.00
    680 Bose High End Sound Package 1,390.00
    692 Remote CD Changer (6 Disc) 650.00
    P01LAdaptive Sport Sts Lthr Int 2,695.00
    Total with Options $ 101,345.00
    DSTCHG Destination Charge 795.00
    Total Charges $ 795.00
    Total Order $ 102,140.00

    I will take MSRP, and will help shipping anywhere in the USA.

    If you're interested, give me a call.

    Erik Niehof
    Brandywine Porsche

    Re: New C2S Cab Available in Speed Yellow / Black

    I know it is your fist ammendment right to freedom of speech, but I don't think this board should be used as a classified ad. Put this on Ebay. I sell Porsche's too, and have many desireable cars available as we speak, but don't post them here. This site is designed for enthusiasts to talk and exchange information. If you start posting cars, then me, then the guy from Champion...the site loses it's purpose. I like being able to chat on here without being "a salesperson" but just an enthusiast

    Re: New C2S Cab Available in Speed Yellow / Black

    Perhaps we could get a separate "Cars for Sale" forum?

    Re: New C2S Cab Available in Speed Yellow / Black

    I agree...a forum is for usefull information...chit chat...ideas...and opinions... NOT FOR ADS

    Re: New C2S Cab Available in Speed Yellow / Black

    "I will take MSRP"...... how generous!

    If its so special, why you gotta market it here?

    Just post it in

    If car was truly special, say with -20mm sports suspension,
    LSD, sport exhaust and Ferry's skull in the trunk it would be unique, but what you got is easy to almost find anywhere in US.

    Re: New C2S Cab Available in Speed Yellow / Black

    I'd like to jump to Erik's defense here.
    I think a classified section is a good idea, and it would probably be a more appropriate section for him to post the cars available at Brandywine.
    That said, I had placed an order here in LA for a 997S (and was expecting a long wait for the arrival of the vehicle) when a thread on this site about 997S supply was started.....Erik posted that he had a particular vehicle available (exactly what I had on order) I immediately contacted him & purchased the car...... which was delivered to me last Saturday....I never would have found it, if it weren't for him posting on this forum. So whilst this may not be the best section to post a classified (and Erik, this one was a little overt) he is nonetheless providing a service that can be very helpful.....
    FYI the car I purchased wasn't listed on the Porsche/Brandywine website.

    Maybe if Brandywine were to become a site sponsor, these type of posts would be more acceptable.

    And before I get flamed!!! I have no affiliation with Erik or Brandywine other than getting a car from them

    Re: New C2S Cab Available in Speed Yellow / Black

    jfaser you are right i agree with you:)

    But a special section should be made for these posts,maybe one for brand new cars and one for used cars.Its not bad so that we can all see them judge them and discuss about them.

    And dont get hard on him,he might just want to sell but he also just might want to help some of you people who do not find a car for immediate delivery.

    And no i dont even know the guy!! I m from Greece remember?

    Re: New C2S Cab Available in Speed Yellow / Black

    I agree with you guys , this is rennteam's policy "No Ads" but we should give erikniehof benefit of a doubt since this was his 4th post and I'm sure he was not aware of this policy.

    Since is not a commercial forum or in the business to make money therefore no advertisements are allowed.



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