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    Punctured tyres

    Would you guys recommend having a 50% worn Y rated (186 mph) tyre repaired, or would you buy a new one.

    Re: Punctured tyres

    I would base it upon how you drive it. If not doing anything like fast cruising I personally wouldn't worry too much. If you're doing some serious cornering at speed a no-notice blowout can't be good for steel parts...

    Re: Punctured tyres

    The other thing: 50% worn is enough to replace BOTH tires so things remain in balance.

    I'd plug and patch it IF IF IF puncture is minor and keep my sustained speeds down to 90 or fewer. (IOW, I would cool it if I found myself doing 130 on a patched tire).

    Re: Punctured tyres

    Depends on where the puncture is. If it's in the tread I'd just get it plugged. That's providing that the car is for normal use.

    Re: Punctured tyres

    id replace both tires and save them just in case another one is punctured badly and a replacement isnt immediately least that would be the senario out this way

    Re: Punctured tyres

    I'd replace them without any hesitation. IMO one simply shouldn't compromise on tyre safety What price is your health?

    Re: Punctured tyres

    easy_rider911 said:
    I'd replace them without any hesitation. IMO one simply shouldn't compromise on tyre safety What price is your health?

    Hi easy_rider911,

    I dunno. Here in the USA there are millions of properly plugged and patched tires and no big insurance company push to ban them (yet..., but it's a good idea!).

    IOW, it's a reasonable risk to drive on them (properly repaired minor puncture in tread) if you're doing normal highway speeding; but nuts to use them on the Autobahn.

    Tough call..., sooner or later the punctures are gonna get you. I mean, calculate the risk/benefit; I'll replace a perfectly good repairable tire once but if it happens again (and again!?)..., screw it: I'll probably just repair the repairable.

    Repair to minor damage seems a reasonably acceptable risk if you don't plan to max out the car's abilities in a sustained manner on a hot day.

    Re: Punctured tyres

    I hear what you say Here, we pay roughly around Pounds300 for a new tyre, valve, fitting, balancing, sales tax. It's definitely not cheap but I still don't think it's worth the risk. One could always consider tyre insurance?



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