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    My Porsche...

    Back from the UK for the Christmas holidays my Porsche is waiting me in the garage. Now that I am at home, I have a lot of time to dedicate at "her". There isn't one day that I don't take it out for a drive. Only looking at her she is beautiful. That polar silver is just fabulous and impossible to describe the effect that it makes. Even if the wheels are too small and they may not look very nice on pictures, in reality, there are very sporty, I would've kept them if they were in 18inch, but at the next tyre change, they will be replaced by 18 inch Carrera 2 ( 5 spoke ). The seats are just perfect for the type of car. They keep you straight and have a right hardness, giving also some priority to comfort. The car is full of optional like PCM, electric seats, phone, etc and I have to say that sometimes they are very useful. The audio system BOSE is very good and the quality of the music output is very high.
    The car can be used very easily in town and it could be a perfect all doing vehicle. Steering is easy, clutch is not that much hard, the visual possibility is very good especially on the back however the front is much more longer that it seems to be so it is better to be more careful while parking.
    On the motorway the car seems to be very light on the front which doesn't reassure too much, but the grip is a lot. The car gives the impression of speed, which from my point of view is good, at least you realize how fast you are going.
    It seems that the turns are made for this car. I've chosen the Carrera 2 because is the lighter and the most fun (real wheel drive). The stability of this car is incredible, for the road limits (not speed limits) it is really easy to drive. It is not quicker as my 147 GTA in entering the turns but once you are in, you feel so much control on the car that is almost impossible to do a mistake ( obviously I am talking with the PSM ON). On the exit of the turns the car is very stable and you can accelerate earlier that you think. In case you accelerate too early, the PSM is always there and puts you on the right way. I have to say that the PSM is really great for road use. On slow-medium turns I start playing with the accelerator and the car slides so nicely but at the same time just afterwards it goes right back to the direction that was set up at the beginning. I tried to deactivate the PSM and the car is much more fun, but personally, for the not too much experience I have, and as I am on road, I prefer to keep it activated.

    The engine is quite linear and it starts to push quite well after 4000rpm. The sound of the flat 6 is not that bad, I expected something more used to the V6 Alfa.
    The power of the car is a lot, non excessive but for my opinion it is right to start having fun and learning.
    The brakes are excellent, however I had some problems in the last days that I will solve during in the next days at my dealer here in France.

    Now I am looking for a track day in Ledenon (next to Nimes, France) before I go back to England. I would like to try the car on track too find the real limits (always with caution) and deactivate with more reassurance the PSM.

    I post you some pictures done during these days on the Esterel (internal mountain road on the coast which connects Cannes to Frejus or better St Raphael, just beautiful) and also the Route Napoleon (name taken from the famous Napoleone The road goes in direction to Digne ). The light these days is just magnifique! I could never see such a light in other parts of Europe (especially in the UK).

    My little toy in the Esterel

    Froggy front! [:D]

    Me and my little toy (don't worry, I wasn't mad that day  )

    Me inside the Pork

    Some pics...

    Arrived in Castellane it was -3.5 degrees (in Cannes it was 12 degrees)

    Pic in Castellane

    Coming back from Castellane, beautiful view

    Some more particular pictures

    After the drive, car washed and ready to sleep well and clean! 

    I post you some videos (the video are not intended to show any driving strengths or similar, it is just to give the idea of the place)

    On the Esterel

    On the Route Napoleon

    In Nice, on the Promenade, to hear the sound of the flat 6.

    Re: My Porsche...

    Beautiful car and nice pics!!
    which camera do you use?

    Re: My Porsche...

    I used two cameras, a EX- Z4 Casio Exilim, 4.0 mil. of pixel, and a Canon EOS 300D with 6 mil. of pixel.
    There are some pictures that I posted which if you see in big format, its just too nice...
    The reduced picture lose a lot in the quality unfortunatly

    Re: My Porsche...

    I just noticed that I linked wrongly the video of the route napoleon

    here it is the wright one

    Re: My Porsche...

    Thanks a lot for the beautiful pictures.

    Re: My Porsche...

    Beautiful photography, and car as well



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