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    Deviating Stitching and Black C7S wheels

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting a response from the dealer in Colorado in which I have a deposit already on the C7S.

    I've pretty much spec'd it out: White, Black Sport Seats, Xenon, PASM, Sport Chrono, Short Shift, Small Carbon Pack, Bose, Auto Climate, Heated Seats, and Guards Red Seat Belts.

    Am I missing any must have options?

    Does anyone know whether or not you'll be able to order deviating stitching or not? I want guards red thread in the black seats.

    As well Porsche offers a Black Carrera S wheel option, but I want the C7S wheels in Black. Of course haven't heard a word back from him on this either.

    Has anyone ever contacted PCNA directly for these types of questions?

    98 Carrera 2S
    77 911S
    04 STI

    Re: Deviating Stitching and Black C7S wheels

    One option I will be ordering is the Sport Steering Wheel for $250.

    As for black C7S wheels, I think you will have difficulty getting Porsche to do that, as it is not a listed option, However, I am sure a local body shop could do it, or better yet, ship them off to Eric the bumperplug guy. I know he does a great deal of custom painting, such as center consoles and the like.


    Re: Deviating Stitching and Black C7S wheels

    There are no stitching options listed in the order guide for the CaymanS.

    Re: Deviating Stitching and Black C7S wheels

    Thanks Michael. Good idea on the sending them to Eric.

    Is the Sport Steering Wheel you are ordering the rounded airbag version. I like the stock version better, but it would be great to get that style with the contoured thumb bits.

    I know the deviating stitching isn't listed as an option, but it is currently an option on the 911. So I was thinking they might do it.

    Re: Deviating Stitching and Black C7S wheels

    Deviated stitching is not fact I think it's pretty hard to get it on any Porsche model in the US.

    I tried to order sport shift.....not available, configurator kicked it out. Let us know if you find something different at your dealer.

    Re: Deviating Stitching and Black C7S wheels

    Daedton --

    Yes, that is the wheel I was thinking of. It is still not perfect, as I think the rim is still too thin, but I am not willing to pay an additional $1000 or whatever it is for the thicker wheel.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeign photos of your car, white is a color I am considdering when I finally order mine.




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