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    I would like to share with you and to match your ideas about options:
    1* option for the car
    *Sport Chrono
    Only reduce throttle travel
    Less PSM intrusion but I will not use for track
    *Short Shifter
    I will use the gearbox everyday everymoment so I'm thinking about it as usefull, surely better than Sport Chrono
    Not so necessary, during night better to drive safety
    *Park Assistant
    Necessary on Boxster, I doubt it on Cayman
    *Automatic Clima
    No, just enough thew standard one
    *Full leather
    No necessary
    *Sport Steering Wheel
    I don't know; it's only 5mm thicker than standard but it's more ergonomic
    I prefer to hear the voice of the Flat-six
    Cayman S standard exhaust too loud as written on Top Gear's review
    Normal ok
    Sport ok ok
    Adaptive - more weight
    *18 VS 19 wheels
    Less unsprung mass the 18.
    18 not so small.
    Better looking 19 but brakes on 19 seems too small
    More understeer on 19 (as Autocar's review said)


    How are you planning to use your Cayman?


    Only on street


    I like your list....keep the price down, keep it simple and set the car up for "driving".....


    I passed on PASM and Sport Chrono.....don't think I'll get the money out of them. Driven several 987s and 997s some with PASM, some without. The normal suspension is just fine with me for all types of driving. The Cayman will only be better.

    Sport Seats....look and feel great, regular is OK, but Sports are better. I didn't get the adaptive.....the manuals were very good.

    Park Assitant.....its a small car, if you don't know the cars should. NO.
    Auto Climate.....yes.
    Full Leather......not necessary, but I got it....very classy.
    Sport Wheel....yes, get it in smooth leather if you get full leather interior. What I did.
    18" Wheels are just fine with me...great handling, ride, and make the brakes look nice.


    I didn't think the PASM or the sport chrono added that much to the driving experience when I drove the 987S so equipped. I think the Cayman will probably benefit from a different set of springs more than the PASM. But that's just my opinion, others swear by both as "must have". A lot of the options are matters of taste which are purely personal. You should get what you will enjoy since you (and not the other guy) are paying for it!


    I have never driven a 987. Can someone tell me if a car with PASM is a lot more comfortable in ride (in softest setting) than one without?


    WAY said:
    I have never driven a 987. Can someone tell me if a car with PASM is a lot more comfortable in ride (in softest setting) than one without?

    Yes. To me the "normal" mode was too soft and the "sport" mode was too hard. This was on a car with 19"s. If all you have is smooth roads it might be OK. It might be slightly better with 18"s....that combo I haven't driven.

    Before I ordered my Cayman I drove a Boxster S with no PASM and 19"s for about an felt just great. I can only imagine a Cayman with either 18"s or 19"s and stock suspension will be excellent....even better than the Boxster which is first class to begin with.

    If you want the last bit of stiffness from the suspension for track use.....then PASM might be the ticket, other than that I didn't see much about it I liked for $2k.


    MikeN - i've also heard (from a porsche dealer) that the boxster is great on 19"s with no PASM (unless its going to be tracked regulalarly). I've still yet to drive the boxster but when i test drove a 997s with PASM & 19"s on public roads, i really couldn't tell the difference between sport and std settings on the PASM.


    NM said:
    MikeN - i've also heard (from a porsche dealer) that the boxster is great on 19"s with no PASM (unless its going to be tracked regulalarly). I've still yet to drive the boxster but when i test drove a 997s with PASM & 19"s on public roads, i really couldn't tell the difference between sport and std settings on the PASM.

    Hmmm, that's strange.....I pretty much noticed it as soon as I changed from one to the other. One thing for sure.....different people perceive ride and handling very
    differently. For me the Boxster on 19"s with no PASM was nirvana. I ordered my Cayman with 18"s.....but with its slightly stiffer structure and suspension settings it should be great IMO. It really sucks to not be able to drive a Cayman and have to make these decisions!


    For street use, here's my humble 2c:

    *PASM - Only if you find the standard ride too harsh and you couldn't tell due to no available test ride, so probably: no
    *Sport Chrono - probably not (see above... would not choose it blindly)
    *Short Shifter - no opinion (I'm happy with my standard 987S shifter but cannot compare to sport)
    *Bi-Xeno - yes, absolutely (much better sight at night)
    *Park Assistant - maybe; only if you do much city/parallel parking
    *Automatic Clima - should be standard in these cars, but since it's not, I'd opt yes if any money is left. If not, skip it
    *Full leather - not necessary
    *Sport Steering Wheel - yes, looks and feels much better I think
    *Bose - yes if the standard sound system is as bad as the Boxster's and you plan to listen to any music at any time
    *PSE - no, but chrome tailpipe if available
    *Seats - adaptive sports if it's in the budget; normal sports seats if not
    *18 VS 19 wheels - 18 should be fine (would have gone with 18" myself if not for buying a car from the lot which had 19")


    I agree with Ente. For me, full leather creates a nicer richer interior without making the car feel any less sporty. I believe it makes the car feel more like a $60 o $70K sports car...though if the $2K is significant in one's ability to buy the car, skipping it is not a big deal.

    PCM is another high price item that just goes to personal pregerence. I have gotten used to having Nav available and would miss it. I also like the idea of being able to play MP3's and having a nice display of the song playing. Hardly a necessity, though.

    Bi-Xenon: absolutely.

    Bose: like music and don't want to do aftermarket? then heck yeah. Not the best possible, but it is the best available.

    I've been convinced to go with sport seats and sport steering wheel. Again, makes it that much more of the sports car it can be.

    PASM and Chrono are interesting because it isn't sports car purists versus street daily drivers. Some purists / track folks say they are essential, others call it SPASM and say it is electronic inteference and either too soft or too hard.
    18" standard Cayman wheels: look perfect in pictures


    sorry Ente, meant to say I agree with most of your opinions, but...


    Thank you Ente, about your suggestions:
    PASM will be sure the "Option", this is the only thing sure
    Sport Chrono NO
    Short Shifter ???????
    Bi-Xeno: Euro 1068 for it is too much
    Auto-clima: to me the standard one is good, i will use the money saved for the petrol......
    Sport Steering wheel: is an option that I think to have
    Full leather: not necessary, you however still have alcantare and printed leather
    Bose: money to save for other things...
    Sport seat: i will not use the car alone, so i will have to share the car with my parents, perhaps better regular normal seats
    18 wheels


    Since I will be driving this car on roads, I thought to myself that the smoother ride of PASM would be enjoyable, so I went out and drove a 987 with it. Under the normal settings a nice twisty acceleration through S curves in 3rd gear actually felt strange; the suspension tightened so fast, and in my opinion, harshly that I actually felt like the car hit the ground and bounced... of course I'm exaggerating, but it definitely felt discontinuous, like something had "interfered." Do note that no control was ever lost, it just felt like it jerked into position, stopping whatever little body roll / twist the car was in. The same car without PASM on the same turns and same acceleration felt nicely rigid and what I would call, continuous, non-digital, analog... un-interfered. This feeling however will absolutely depend on driving style and feel... I guess my transitions are a bit harsh and my preference is towards ton active shocks. This system is also one more thing to break. I'm not sure what kind of reliability expectations are designed in the system, but those little fluid gates in the dampeners are one more thing that could break. I recommend that you experience PASM before buying.

    On the other hand, it's interesting that I don't mind the Sport Chronometer. Yea, the chrono on the dash isn't very beautiful, but I've seen aftermarket potential for this, ranging from Bluetooth display to radar detector integration. Furthermore, the accelerator is already electronic whether you pick this option or not. There already is a program between your foot and the engine throttle, so I'm not that much of a puritan when it comes to changing the variables by pressing a button. The deciding factor for me is whether the button is worth the $. Does anybody know whether the sport button changes any variables other than the throttle response? Does it change the valve timing, gas / air flow to the engine, etc?


    Came away with the same feelings about PASM....I just liked the way the normal suspension acted for all driving.

    Sport Chrono I believe changes the engine mapping in relationship to pedal position. It adds no horsepower at all, but makes the car react faster to throttle imputs. Some people have said it makes the car feel "edgy" and can be annoying during daily drives. Some love it to death. Personal pref.

    I would get Sport Chrono before PASM.


    I have both PASM and sports chrono in my 987s since I bought it off the lot, and I like both. However, if I was to order a new car, I could probably live without those options. That's for the 987. The reason why I'm cautious with recommending these options for the Cayman is simply that there is no way to tell whether they'll render much of a benefit or not, as long as there are no demonstrators to drive.

    Sports chrono for example I like, because the car feels more responsive on the throttle. However, the difference on the Boxster is so subtle, it took me two weeks to tell. It's a nice to have, but not must have, in my opinion. Who could say how much difference it makes in the Cayman?

    My PASM is appreciated in normal (comfy) mode because I live in central London where the roads are often bumpy. I almost never use the sports mode because I don't really track or race my car and the road surfaces here are just not smooth enough to enjoy it. Again, I can't tell what a Boxster let alone a Cayman feels like without PASM, but I would imagine the ride quality is still very acceptable.


    I had originally planned to add the sport chrono but have subsequently changed my mind. I had never planned to add PASM, a different spring set up would seem more useful. The roads in S Florida are quite good if rather straight. After driving the 987S I did not believe I needed to wait to drive the Cayman. The 987S is measurably better in all aspects compared to my 99 2.5L 986. I prefer a coupe to a roadster so that settled that discussion as well.



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