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    New owner of a Convertible

    Just got a 987S for few weeks.
    Never own a convertible before.
    How to maintain the convertible?
    I heard that RAGGTOPP is good and is it true? any other choices?
    Should I just wash the car (include the soft top)? Anything need to be carefull of when I wash it? ( I know I need to clost the top first)
    Many many thanks.
    (the reason i need to wash the car asap is because too many people in my company like the car so much and they come to my desk to complain I didn't wash it for 2 weeks . One of them is a 70 years old lady, she drives a Buick. BTW, this is a midnight blue....that's why.....)

    Re: New owner of a Convertible

    Porsche has some special remedies for both washing and protecting the top...but I'm not sure if it's any better than other products.

    Re: New owner of a Convertible

    A lot of people on other boards like Raggtopp. I applied some to my stone grey top and it seems to stay clean, although I've only tried it for a week.

    Re: New owner of a Convertible

    Don't "wash" the top unless it has a stain or something on it like bird presents or sap. Just rinse it off each time you wash the car.

    You should only need to apply some sort of protectant to it at most a few times a year unless you consistently park it under a tree (which is worse than parking it in the sun BTW).

    Th Porsche wash works fine as do just about any others that are made for CLOTH tops. The Porsche protectant works well, but is a huge pain in the rear because you have to mask off the rest of the car to put it on.

    Re: New owner of a Convertible

    The top has water repellant on it. I found that blasting it (carefully!) with a jet of water lifted most of the dust and dirt off the roof, and the water beads and runs off the top nicely. You can then dry the top of the remaining droplets with a chamois or towel. If you get some fluff remaining on the top when it's dry, you can use a lint removal roller like you use for clothes.

    (I'm guessing from your post you aren't a big 'polish it every other day' sort of person!..?)

    Welcome aboard, and hope you're enjoying your car!

    Re: New owner of a Convertible

    Hehe welcome to those of us who have a dark colored convertible/softtop to maintain. I don't usually apply anything special to the softtop but water. Definitely no hotwax products as you find them in automatic car washes. I may apply a softtop conserver (the Porsche ragtop conserver product) this fall if I still don't have a garage by then.

    Other than that, the car had a paint sealant applied when I bought it. Until that needs renewing in 5 years, the baby gets just washed every 2 weeks or so at a hand wash service. Once every few times I add a paint conserver to their washwater before they start to keep the paint happy.

    Re: New owner of a Convertible

    Thanks for your comments, thinking to put on RUGGTOP on it.
    No, I don't wash it everyday. Wax it maybe one time in two months.I just got my own house, so i will wash it more frequently. (the car is small though.)
    Any wax recommendation?
    For the interior (i don't have the full leather), the door panel is very easy to get some white marks on it. Anyway to pretent it? (don't tell me not touching it) It is pretty annoying.
    I bought the car from the lot to get a huge discount, so I can't get all the option I want such as PASM, Full leather, sport steering wheel and sport seat, CD changer (the dealer asked for 2000 dollars to put it on now).



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