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    First off I should say that this information has not been confirmed at all, yet.

    I had lunch with some coworkers today, I should say that I work closely with some traders and Portfolio Managers (financial sector), and they're not car enthusiasts by any means.

    One of the guys was talking to another and he mentioned that in the month of March (mind you they have no idea about any Auto Shows either) Audi and Porsche in Germany are going to announce a merger .

    I drop the freaking fork and my body got really hot, if you know what I mean.

    I didn't want to interrogate them 'cause I was kind of eavesdropping.

    Has anyone heard anything into this affect in Europe or in the States?

    What's everyone's take on it if true ?


    WHAT!!!! there must be some mistake, current Porsche management has always made it clear they want to remain independant above all, and its not like they are going through tough times. THey wouldn't do that to us, would they? Maybe its just a colaboration for a Porsche's 4th model ala Cayenne with VW


    carlos fromspain said:
    WHAT!!!! there must be some mistake, current Porsche management has always made it clear they want to remain independant above all, and its not like they are going through tough times. THey wouldn't do that to us, would they? Maybe its just a colaboration for a Porsche's 4th model ala Cayenne with VW

    My day is already ruinned I hope the God it's not true.


    I'm not so sure about this rumour, VW/Audi already owns Lamborghini and is working together with Maserati (on new developments) as well....
    Why get the porsche brand also now? The company is running well too and not really "cheap". There are ofcourse lots of synergies and existing connections between both companies.
    Anyone heard the same?


    Any US trade symbols for VW or Audi?
    I think vw has the right ideas I want to invest!


    I don't believe they're traded in the U.S.

    VW = VOWG
    Porsche = PSEPF


    It would be the best thing that could happen to Porsche.

    That way they can focus on Sports Cars.
    And the Cayenne and all the other bullshit ie Boxster and grand touring Porsche's can go to VW.

    I don't see anything wron with it.


    "That way they can focus on Sports Cars.
    And the Cayenne and all the other bullshit ie Boxster and grand touring Porsche's can go to VW."

    RR4 - I hate to break it to you, but the Boxster is the sportscar and the 996 is a GT


    Dude! Wake up! It was a bad dream
    Seriously, I don't think so. But who knows, I mean, this is the age of globalisation.
    I think Wiedeking would not want that, although he is just an employee and is not involved in Porsche the way Piech or the Porsche family was.
    He is definitly more results focused than anything else, I'd say.
    I can find out for you if that rumor is true. I was some close friends at GS which I believe is one of Porsche's bank.
    I'll let you know if I hear anything, otherwise, show opens in a couple of weeks, so we'll find out soon enough.
    Take it easy now.
    PS: Any news on your Gallardo decision?


    Any news on your Gallardo decision?

    Decided to wait for the 997 at least for now I don't know about tomorrow though .


    Grant said:
    RR4 - I hate to break it to you, but the Boxster is the sportscar and the 996 is a GT

    Exactly Grant! The Boxster isn't a "bullshit" car, and the chassis still doesn't have an engine to match.

    There are benefits of a mid-engine layout too. Wonder why the CGT has it's engine where it is?


    I'm not that surprised, they already share alot of hi-tech together.



    I dunno, I really hope not, but they do collaborate on an awful lot, maybe they will be joined they way alfa and ferrari are? Aren't they only partial owners?


    Ok, I guess Audi is a really really bad company???

    I think not, they could both help each other out a lot. Even if this is true, what can you do about it? Nothing stays the same forever, especially in the automotive industry. Audi is a great company, one of my favorites, they are highly capapble and the only thing that sucks about Audi's are their steering systems(as well as that silly AWD system, Quattro (it sucks in terms of weight)). Stop crying boys.


    I believe this is complete BS....

    It wouldn't make sense at all.

    Porsche is super rich (the auto business has around Euro 2.0bn of NET cash) with the best margins in the world .... Porsche's problem is what to do with the free cash they generate ... so why would you merge with a "mass" maker.

    Porsche is right now in the best position ever, with growing sales and profits ....

    May be Audi and Porsche will cooperate for the 4 doors sedan ....

    I believe Porsche will try to remain independant as long as possible.


    Good post, Eric.

    I agree completely


    Plus it would not be with Audi but with VW. That's like saying Chevy and Ford are merging. I'm sure its just a rumor.


    Porsche 911, Boxster Sales Plunge as Buyers Await New Models

    By Jeremy Van Loon
    March 1 (Bloomberg) -- Gery Mannes, a fixed-income trader at
    the Bank of New York Co. in Brussels, is selling his Porsche AG
    Boxster sports car and doesn't plan to buy another until the 73-
    year-old automaker brings out a new version.
    The Boxster, now in its eighth year of production, is
    ``old,'' said Mannes, 29, who's considering buying a Porsche
    Cayenne sport-utility vehicle.
    Sales of the Boxster and the 7-year-old 911 sports car, the
    automaker's flagship model, fell 38 percent in North America in
    January as the cars reached the end of their lifecycles, making
    Stuttgart, Germany-based Porsche increasingly dependant on the
    Cayenne. The model, at a base price of 47,592 euros ($59,400),
    accounted for 60 percent of sales in the region in January.
    With one dominant model, ``the risk of becoming dependant on
    the Cayenne becomes immensely high,'' Michael Punzet, an analyst
    at Landesbank Rheinland-Pfalz, said. ``The company would be
    vulnerable if something were to hurt demand.''
    Porsche won't show new models at this week's Geneva car show,
    where other carmakers are introducing designs and prototypes, and
    it won't hold a press conference, Manfred Ayasse, a spokesman,
    said. The company is ``looking at'' how to cut dependence on the
    Cayenne, Chief Executive Officer Wendelin Wiedeking, 51, said at
    the annual meeting in January.
    ``For Porsche, new models are very, very important because
    they are such a small-volume producer,'' said Susan Levermann, a
    fund manager at DWS Investment, which oversees the equivalent of
    $149 billion, including 130,000 Porsche preferred shares.
    Wiedeking didn't give details of plans for models at the
    annual meeting and he wasn't available today to elaborate, Sylvia
    Stadelmann, a spokeswoman, said.


    Porsche today said net income for the six months ended Jan.
    31 rose 17 percent to 119.6 million euros. Profit missed the 134.5
    million-euro median forecast of analysts in January.
    DWS cut its holding in Porsche by half after the carmaker's
    preliminary fiscal first-half earnings figures published in
    January rose less than expected, and ``at the moment we don't know
    where the upside is,'' Levermann said.
    Porsche shares are down 14 percent from a high of 546 euros
    in March 2002. The stock today rose as much as 6.62 euros, or 1.4
    percent, to 474.98 euros and was up 0.7 percent at 471.50 euros as
    of 1:26 p.m. in Frankfurt.
    The 911 was rolled out at the 1963 Frankfurt International
    Motor Show to follow up the 356, Porsche's first sports car.

    911's Versions

    The carmaker has produced four 911 versions. The original was
    built until 1973, followed by the G-Series, whose 1973-to-1989
    production run was the model's longest. Today's version, dubbed
    the 996, was introduced in 1997.
    ``Customers were disappointed with the current 911 model
    because many thought it looks too much like the Boxster'' which
    costs about half the price, said Michael Raab, an analyst at Sal
    ``It could also be tough going with a new Boxster model
    because it will probably be 90 to 95 percent similar to the
    current one,'' said Raab, who expects a ``significant'' reduction
    in Porsche's 2004 sports car sales.
    The Boxster's development was initiated by Wiedeking to
    expand Porsche's brand to become more affordable. It was meant as
    a throwback to the 356, the car actor James Dean was driving when
    he died in a crash in 1955. The model sells for 42,256 euros. The
    911 starts at 74,504 euros.
    The Boxster competes against Bayerische Motoren Werke AG's
    Z4, DaimlerChrysler AG's Mercedes SLK and Volkswagen's Audi TT.
    The 911 is up against the Aston Martin DB9, the Ferrari 456M and
    the Mercedes SL-Class.


    ``You get a lot more bang for your buck with the Z4,'' Sal
    Oppenheim's Raab said. ``One reason a customer chooses a Porsche
    is for the engine power. Both Mercedes and BMW are sprucing up
    engines in the Z4 and SLK.''
    Except for making tractors after World War II, Porsche only
    built sport cars until the Cayenne. Wiedeking opted to develop the
    sport-utility vehicle because some Porsche drivers already owned
    one built by competitors, such as Mercedes's M-Class or BMW's X5.
    The Cayenne went into production at a new factory in Leipzig,
    Germany, in 2002.
    The company expects the Cayenne to help raise profit a 10th
    consecutive year and boost vehicle sales to more than 75,000 units
    annually from 54,234 vehicles in fiscal 2002. The Cayenne, which
    went on sale in Germany in December 2002, cost 511 million euros
    to develop, including building the 300-employee factory.
    ``The Cayenne will more than compensate for the weaknesses of
    the Boxster and the 911 this year,'' said Trudbert Merkel, who
    helps manage 5 billion euros at Deka Investment in Frankfurt and
    owns Porsche shares. ``The real question is when the model is
    fully introduced and they don't have the effect anymore, whether
    an upgraded 911 will keep growth going.''


    Porsche is recalling 10,637 Cayennes in the U.S. to fix a
    wiring flaw that could spark an electrical fire, the U.S. National
    Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Thursday on its Web
    site. The carmaker will notify owners of 2003 and 2004 Cayenne S
    models to go to dealerships for repairs.
    Porsche remains convinced Cayenne sales aren't taking away
    customers from the sports cars because ``a Cayenne buyer is
    different from someone who buys a 911,'' Wiedeking said at the
    annual meeting.



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