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    merc tv - looks interesting


    lets see if this works ^ 

    Re: merc tv - looks interesting

    Really a must see, great TV, and the new E coupe looks much better than in the pics. The lines are great and the interior also great.

    Better quality filming than top gear and the 2009 e coupe really copies the design of the cls.


    Re: merc tv - looks interesting

    some screen caps, awesome scenery, amazing expense that mercedes is putting into this effort but I must say it works.

    It changed my view of the e class coupe and though i still don't like the s class exterior, the interior is amazing;








    Re: merc tv - looks interesting

    Mercedes Benz has been behind the game in terms of marketing. This will help them catch up somewhat.

    Companies like Audi have had their own 24 hr digital satellite channels here in Europe for years


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    Re: merc tv - looks interesting

    The idea is nice, they just have the problem not offering any tempting cars anymore.

    Re: merc tv - looks interesting

     Oh, look at all those wood panels  How tempting...


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    Re: merc tv - looks interesting


     Oh, look at all those wood panels  How tempting...

    I know you are having a little fun but this is a discussion board so let's discuss.

    I am about to build a nice home - does it matter if I use pergo laminates or real wood, armstrong vinyl or real tile?


    In both the house and nice cars it matters - a lot.

    This merc interior finally looks upscale and it makes a big difference when riding in a nice car.

    Quality of the carpet makes a big difference, quality of the leather makes a big difference. That sh!t matters to satisfaction, the ownership experience.

    You know we own ROAD cars not race cars. I was thinking about this the other day and it is just coincidental that your avatar shows track activity.

    That crap about take it to the track is silly. No one here or any car board is Senna, not even close. 

    All these cars are ROAD cars and all the extra tenths of a second on the ring or top ends that are not attainable is just waste.

    The car has to be a satisfying ride, comfort, quality of materials and decent performance on roads, not tracks. Plus sound!!


    New porsches have the ride for the most part but the interior is sorely lacking and so is sound.

    That 997 dash always reminds me of my departed grannies early 60's dodge dart and i'm not kidding or busting your balls.


    Re: merc tv - looks interesting

    @RacerX - I get your point and agree that quality matters. i also agree that Porsche is not state of the art.

    I think bluelines comment was more in regard of having wood panels instead of carbon or aluminum and he didnt talk about the quality.

    I for myself, I love wood in the house, but I dont like it in the car. But this is as so often a matter of taste.


    Re: merc tv - looks interesting

    Hi Lars,

    Wood in a pure sports car of todays vintage might be inappropriate, but in a luxury gt sports car or any high end sedan it is almost required.

    Look here (examples)

    Range Rover interior

    Merc gullwing and 50's jag steering wheels

    BMW M6 interiors

    I agree it can come down to taste, but sometimes people don't have enough exposure to the good things and therefore can't envision it. Plus CF trim if used wrong can look plasticky. 

    When I see a high end car especially an aston and the center console is not wood, it looks short changed.

    And that particular piece of wood trim above in the merc is one of the nicest applications I have ever seen.



    Re: merc tv - looks interesting

    more nice episodes this month 



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