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    My New C4S FL Gets a Nose Job!


    Last week I had Pirelli SotoZero Serie 2 winter tires put on my C4S FL. The next morning I skidded at a traffic light into, or rather under, a Chevy truck, in heavy rain, but well above freezing conditions. The Chevy truck was unscathed - more than can be said for my car!

    A few minutes later, I again slid a few feet into an intersection, but without consequence.

    I know tires do not achieve full traction until after a couple of hundred miles of use, but the Pirellis with maybe 50 miles on them seemed positively dangerous in the rain.

    I can't remember ever triggering anti-lock brake modulation or skidding in four years and 50,000 miles driving a 997 C2S, beyond a couple of times in snow and ice with the original SotoZeros.

    Any thoughts on this or similar experiences?

    997 C4S FL

    Re: My New C4S FL Gets a Nose Job!

    Are the tires directional? Were they put on properly? Were the correct tire pressures set? 
    997S Cab Seal Gray

    Re: My New C4S FL Gets a Nose Job!

    Man, I feel sorry for the you, but really appreciate your perspective and good humor.  Got to keep life's priorities straight . . .

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    Re: My New C4S FL Gets a Nose Job!

    Le Chief,

    i was wondering the same thing. I assume so, but will check. That would certainly explain things.

    I had the tires put on at a tire place my dealer recommended after spending $370 x 8 to swap and balance tires at my dealer over the 4 year lease of my C2S. (Under the present economic conditions everyone, including my dealer, seems to be kinder and gentler and interested in me saving money. They anyhow seemed very professional and a lot less costly.)

    I zoomed into the side pictures I took to see the tires but couldn't get enough detail. I will call the bodyshop and ask them to confirm.

    Thank you.


    997 C4S FL

    Re: My New C4S FL Gets a Nose Job!

    Damned right, hinkley!

    If one just reads the New York Times every day it gives one perspective. Page one today: a photo of little Zimbarbian kids picking individual grains of wheat off the road, that fell off a passing truck, in order to eat and survive another day.

    Crashing a Porsche is a rare privilege in the scheme of things, though snob that I am I am letting my wife drive the Kia we rented. Our kids, both under 25 and back from school for the winter holiday, have to drive her car.

    997 C4S FL

    Re: My New C4S FL Gets a Nose Job!

    The SottoZero tires are asymmetrical (have an outside set of tire blocks for handling) but are not directional.   So they could have been put on inside-out, but this should not have affected straight line braking.  

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    Re: My New C4S FL Gets a Nose Job!

    I think your basic assumption about the tires not being broken in may be correct.  IMHO w/ out knowing more my guess would be it was the combination of all of the above. New WINTER tires not yet broken in, New Winter tires in the rain & driven in warmer temps. Brand new tires can be slick even on dry pavement. Put them in the wet & combined w/ the other factors & you have a dangerous situation. It would be interesting to hear what your pressures were. Over inflation would  exacerbate the problem. 

    In addition some pavement can be much slicker than others. And if the area was at a stop light you have thousands of cars each and every day stopping on the exact same area and many of them are leaking oil, etc. In the wet it can be a serious problem. It's something I always pay attention to on my bike.   

    If some or all of the 50 miles driven were in the rain it's even worse because the tires werent broken in on dry pavement.

    Good luck  to getting your baby back on the road asap! 


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    Re: My New C4S FL Gets a Nose Job!

    Really good insights, Stradale, all of which I will raise when i contest the automatic 'careless driving' ticket I got when I called the police at the insistence of the Chevy truck driver who said he had spilled his coffee and bumped his head (no seat belt) on account of being rear-ended, though I can hardly blame him!

    I asked the body shop to confirm tire pressure but they have yet get back to me. But very interestingly December 10th when the accident happened it was unusually warm: with a 65F high, 44F low versus a normal range of 45F-31F according Accuweather records. 

    997 C4S FL



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