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    2nd (major) service

    Well, service time had come round again so Boxey was in for a full service (all the filters, oil, brake fluid) today.

    I'm doing this at around 15kmiles rather than the recommended 20kmiles, so it's just over 31k.

    The car was starting to sound like a vacuum cleaner with a full bag on turning off the ignition. On the drive home it seems to be breathing much easier - makes me wonder if you should request that the air filter is changed at every service. Is it that fiddly to do? Would the savings in fuel cost make up for the cost of the filter?

    Brake fluid change seems to have firmed up the brake action a bit. Was getting noticably mushy.

    Engine seems more eager, particularly at low revs, and economy seems a bit better.
    This is only on my 3/4 hour trip home mind you, so I'll let you know.

    Interestingly (and slightly worryingly) the oil level on picking up the car was one block down from max, exactly where it was before. This is fine by me, assuming they have actually changed the oil! I'd much prefer that to the overfill bar being lit! And I can always top it up at my leisure.

    Re: 2nd (major) service

    Quanta costa if you don't mine me asking? (Last time I used that Portuguese / Brazilian phrase I was at sea in Santos, Brazil many years ago... you don't want to ask what for - but it wasn't for car servicing)

    Re: 2nd (major) service

    Pounds613 all in.

    Not car servicing, eh?

    Re: 2nd (major) service

    I just had my 2 year service a couple of months ago and got a large bill as well. I had the oil changed as well as brake fluid. I really think that the charge for this work is absolutely a rip off. I don't mind paying more than other cars but this is extreme for the same work anyone can perform. Anyway, I paid it and I know I will pay it again but I feel ripped off.

    Re: 2nd (major) service

    timlb, how much was your 2 yr service? Mine is coming up very soon.

    Re: 2nd (major) service

    Service is about 6 tanks of fuel for us. For that I get a brake and power upgrade, better fuel economy (1-2mpg feels like) and increased smile factor. Yeah, it's a rip off, but I did get two packets of biscuits, two cups of coffee and a ride in a Cayman thrown in. Come on!

    What really depresses me is the accelerated depreciation when you actually use your car. A figure of Pounds24k was mentioned for trade-in yesterday. Honestly, Porsche dealers do sometimes think that owners LIKE bending over a table and dropping their trousers.

    Re: 2nd (major) service

    timlb said:
    I just had my 2 year service a couple of months ago and got a large bill as well. I had the oil changed as well as brake fluid.

    Was this the first (20k) or 2nd (40k) one? How many miles do you have on her now?
    Brake fluid is changed every 2 years.
    The air filter gets changed every other service.

    Re: 2nd (major) service

    It was the 2nd year 20,000km servicing. Basically oil change and brake fluid. I have the oil changed every year anyway even though it is not required.



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