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    PSE button name

    I have ordered my car with PSE but without Sports Chrono.

    Just thinking - what words or symbol is printed on the button that turns the PSE on/off. Is it still labeled "sport"?

    Also Im assuming that it is located in exactly the same location as the sports chrono "sport" button would otherwise have been? Can anybody confirm?

    Re: PSE button name

    It has no text on the button, just an icon of the twin tail pipes - it looks kind of like a pair of binoculars.

    Re: PSE button name

    Thanks for the info.

    So its in the same location as where the "sport" button would have been?

    Re: PSE button name

    Buttons ( from left )
    1. Rear spoiler ( manual up/down)
    2. PASM (std. on 997 S, optional on 997 )
    3. Sport button ( cars with Sport Chrono )or PSE button
    in cars without Chrono
    4. PSM button on extreme right side

    Re: PSE button name


    So if you order the aerokit (as I have) is the first button become missing or does it work in some way with the aerokit? I had assumed the aerokit rear spoiler was fixed?

    Re: PSE button name

    I don't think the factory would install a non functioning button.

    Re: PSE button name

    I'd agree - but does the aerokit definately have no moving parts to it?

    Anybody with a factory fit aerokit confirm either way please?

    Assuming the aerokit has no moning parts, I wonder what happens if you get a dealer fit aerokit afterwards. Do they remove the button and put a rubber bung in the hole on the dash?

    Re: PSE button name

    The Aerokit spoiler does not have any switch controlled parts.
    If it were retrofitted, the spoiler switch would have to be disabled or there would be an error message.
    Or the switch panel could be replaced with one containing only the used switches.
    It would be similar to installing a new switch panel in cars without Sports chrono,being retrofitted with the PSE.

    Re: PSE button name

    AFAIK, there is no manual rear spoiler button - the rear spoiler is fixed if you have the Aerokit rear spoiler.

    [BTW, PAG regularly fits non-operational buttons in the PCM e.g. the telephone buttons are still there even if you have no telephone. Also, the cruise control light is still in the instrument cluster even if you have no cruise control].

    I don't have button 2 (in jcs's list) since there is no PASM button if you have -20mm sports suspension.

    Re: PSE button name

    i have the aerokit, the switch is there but its not functional as the wing is fixed.

    if i removed the aerokit, i believe the button can be enabled at the dealer

    Re: PSE button name

    Thanks Dubai... Interesting, was your aerokit factory fitted at new or subsequently dealer fitted?

    Re: PSE button name

    factory fitted when new



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