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    BMW M-Coupé, different movies, hartge does something on it..

    check out:

    greets m

    Re: BMW M-Coupé, different movies, hartge does something on it..

    Sweet videos Michael

    I'd like to have an M Coupe one of these days.. I love the buldging rear fender flares. Sounds great too


    Re: BMW M-Coupé, different movies, hartge does something on it..

    I have an M Coupe. It is great. It is like a "little brother" to the GT3.

    It's design is timeless.

    Re: BMW M-Coupé, different movies, hartge does something on it..

    How would you compare it to the GT3?
    I realize they are very different cars but I know BMW makes driver's cars and that the M Coupe is definitly one of their best.

    Re: BMW M-Coupé, different movies, hartge does something on it..

    Yes, it would be nice to ear what you have to say from both.


    Re: BMW M-Coupé, different movies, hartge does something on it..

    The M coupe certainly does not have the acceleration of the GT3 but when you are driving it, it feels fast. Driving it is like slipping on a tight glove which then becomes an extention of yourself. It goes where you aim it,you think,it moves. I have had the software program done (dinan stage II) and I have had the car up to 160 on the speedometer (probably the speedo is off by 5-8 mph) and it was as steady and solid as can be.

    The GT3-now we are talking about big brother. Faster, very nimble, very great sound from that engine especially above 6000 rpm. Put it in first and it take a split second to go up the rev range to shift 2nd. Take 2nd up to redline and you are at 82mph. After that it soars. It doesn't feel like the m coupe in terms of an outer skin. It certainly feels bigger,wider, and more of a road presence. It is the type of car that you have no desire to play the radio (haven't played it since I got the car (except when I'm waitinfg fo my wife).
    I will keep the M Coupe until my Lotus Elise gets here and then I think it might be time to part. I usually keep cars for about a year or so (M5,M3,Viper GTS, C5 corvette). I have had the M Coupe for over 3 years and it is always a thrill to drive it.
    Timeless styling,.......great car.

    Re: BMW M-Coupé, different movies, hartge does something on it..

    you are right, i drove the gt3 2003 on highway and race track, and last week this hartge m coupe...

    gt3 is fast but m coupe quite funny...and also it's timeless, an exciting bmw...



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