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    GT3 RS

    Well, Mr. Stinton and I finally managed to get to Frankfurt to see the RS and it we worth the effort!

    What a great looking car, we all had a good chuckle at the stick on Porsche badge on the bonnet. The Ultimte in weight saving!

    Pictures will be posted later tomorrow if anyone is interested.


    Re: GT3 RS


    great i would love to see the pics!!

    Re: GT3 RS

    Today I was at the IAA and got my GT3 RS

    An amazing looking car. Beside the other silver-metalic cars like Turbo and C4S Cab it really looks like a real race car.

    Pure RS: No "heavy" (metal?) Porsche Logo on the front hood. It is only a paste-on label.

    The car has also no glove box. (Bad for the ladies )

    Bad news: There will be definitively more than 200 cars.

    Re: GT3 RS

    Have you seen the rollcage inside the RS?Is it true that it's different from the one on the GT3 Clubsport, in the sense that it's welded in instead of bolted in and that the front part is integrated in the A pillars?

    You've been told production is not limited but will follow market demand or only that there will be more than 200 cars?


    Re: GT3 RS


    the rollcage inside the RS is the same as in the GT3 Clubsport. It is bolted, not welded.

    The front part wasn't installed. (I guess for the visitors to step in and out a little bit easier?) So it is not integrated in the A pillars. (I guess like in the Carrera Cup Racecar you mean.)

    You've been told production is not limited but will follow market demand or only that there will be more than 200 cars?

    They told me that Porsche has so many enquiries for the RS that they have to follow at least some of them. But it is also clear that it still will be a limited production. They couldn't name an exact number. What he (a service representative) was able to say, was that it will be definitive not more like 400 or 500 cars.

    To be honest: From one point of view it is a little bit disappointing. But from the other point of view it is a good decision trying to satisfy at least some more porsche freaks. I guess most of them didn't know that porsche plans to build a new GT3 RS. (I've heard from one customer who has bought more than 20 porsches in the last years and that he he was very sad about this policy of information.) And 400 or 500 cars is still o.k. for me. What do you mean?


    Re: GT3 RS


    Cage is bolted in as in the CS, we pulled the carpets up to make sure on the show car!

    Cage is not integrated into the front A pillars but looks VERY similair to the standard CS.

    As for numbers I was at a presentation given by Geoff Turrell of PCGB about a month ago and he stated that there was to be a run of 300 cars with 75 coming to the UK. There might be one or two additons but not several hundred more.

    BTW Geoff is the General Marketing Manager so you would hope he knew...

    Due to a power failure at home yesterday I was unable to upload the pictures but will do so over the weekend.


    Re: GT3 RS

    More GT3 RS pictures: GT3 RS

    Re: GT3 RS

    nice wallpapers!

    regarding the limitation: porsche never really kept their limitations... the "limited" '99 GT3 was not limited, there was another batch in 2000, the number of carrera GT's has been risen from 1,000 to 1,500 -- and now the problem is, that no one wants the "ordinary" GT3 anymore -- everyone is asking for the GT3 RS, at least that is the information i've got from my porsche dealer. and porsche wants to sell their aging 996. and since they are controlling-driven since wiedeking is aboard...

    i wouldn't wonder if they are going to build even more than 500 units. maybe it's a little bit selfish, but i do not appreciate it at all.

    cheers; zz

    Re: GT3 RS

    Yes, youre right Zzoba,

    my dealer told me the same - low sales on the "standard" GT3
    and that dealers are not amused that they sell 5 times more RS than they get delivered. So a couple of the dealers allready complained about this by the PAG and I would bet that everyone gets a GT3 RS who wants and pay one...

    But on other part this will hurts the low demand on the actual GT3 further.

    So let`s see :-)

    Re: GT3 RS

    As I imagined Porsche just can't keep its word!
    They start saying it's a very limited edition and as soon as they see a big demand building they give in to their shareholder value maximisation frame of mind (read greed).
    Since from what I hear the RS will be very close to a Cup car, more so than to a regular GT3 and certainly a very challenging and not easily usable proposition (as I hope), I can just see all the people that are ordering it just because of the RS badge and because they want the "improved GT3" putting many cars for sale in the first 3/4 months of ownership.So the already slow GT3 market will take another hit, and the value of 2nd hand RSs won't hold as it should have, and as it has done with the past RS models.

    I wonder how much more can they dilute the brand and leverage on its myths?

    Re: GT3 RS

    I wonder how much more can they dilute the brand and leverage on its myths?

    i have the same feelings... although PAG never officially claimed any limitation, the word was out there... now i fear that they are turning the GT3 RS from an icon to a GT3 compensation. and having in mind that probably next year the 997 will appear my anticipation for my GT3 RS is fading... but not vanishing! and i still have hopes that the RS is not just a badge job.

    Re: GT3 RS

    A photo always improves the discussion and this is my favorite of the GT3RS from the Frankfurt show.



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