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    importing my car to Singapore...need help!!!!!!?????

    i have currently been offered a job in Singapore (which will last around 1 to 1 and a half years) and wanted to ask if anybody would be able to answer a few question i have regarding taking my car with me.

    i read it is really hard to import cars there because of taxes and other reasons, what i would like to know is, will i still have to pay these high taxes (i was told around 140% of of the price of the car) even though i am only going for 1 year. furthermore, any additional information regarding this topic would be very helpful.

    thanks for your help

    Re: importing my car to Singapore...need help!!!!!!?????

    Forget it - apart from the import taxes (if under 3 years) you have to pay for a road licence and the dreaded COE (which is by auction so could be as much as S$30,000 plus if you are lucky to get one straight away). It would be cheaper for you to put your car into storage and either hire a car for any journeys ino Malaysia, etc. Check this site
    Have fun it's a great place for expats.
    PS I would also check with the AA Singapore.

    Re: importing my car to Singapore...need help!!!!!!?????

    A carnet could work for 12 months

    Re: importing my car to Singapore...need help!!!!!!?????

    thanks balarol,but other than the fact of the COE which i might be able to swallow, what do these costs actually mean, and do they matter if im going to stay for a short time because these will definatly brake my back haha??

    1-Import Duty 31% of the open market value(OMV) as assessed by the Customs and Excise Department. --> (Does this mean the price of the car)

    2-Additional Registration Fee 110% of the OMV as assessed by the Customs and Excise Department.

    Re: importing my car to Singapore...need help!!!!!!?????

    they'll not allow you to import used cars. so, can't be done even if you are willing to fork out money for the various taxes/duties/etc.

    btw, a new c2s (average speced) will cost abt us$285k.

    Re: importing my car to Singapore...need help!!!!!!?????

    Yes they all apply if you import on a business visa (a carnet applies only for a short term stay and on a temporary resident visa which is 90 days for most expatriates). Your visa type is important and will be asked for. They (Customs) will have their own assessment system and not on your supplied value so it could be based on the local retail price. BTW COE's once were S$60K whilst I was there and could be that and more at any time depending on demand and availability. They are restricted to the total number of cars on the road at base set period which is controlled by the Government and that means you are buying a 'retired' COE. Basically they do not want you to import a car as it upsets the local importers and if very easy to do can end up a 'back door' import sytem. Local transport is extremely good but a Porsche puts you up there amongst the local elite. If you want to go though the hassle (which it is) you need to stay for some time at least 3 years. Note that driving to the city in Singapore is like the London traffic control system. Petrol is not that expensive though!



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