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    The magic never ends

    At the end of 2006, I was expecting delivery of my first Porsche, making an 18 year old dream come true. Since I got the car I haven't written anything here, but I've got a good excuse: I was enjoying my first 911!

    I decided to get a "base" 997 because of financial reasons. I know the difference is not that significant, but it was still $7000 more for the "S", and the bigger engine also meant 20% higher taxes here in Belgium. I've driven the "S" also, and I must say that the difference is not that big. Especially because this is my first Porsche, and it doesn't compare to anything I've driven before. Which brings me to the point of this post...

    Almost 18 months have passed since I took delivery of my GT-Silver Carrera 2, and it's been a totally different experience than all the other cars I've ever owned. I've always driven cars with decent peformance (at least 200 hp), but with every single one of those, once I got used to it (after a few weeks usually), it was "just another car". It was just a means of transportation. With my 911, it's different. Completely different. It's like the magic never ends, the joy of starting that engine and driving off always feel kinda special, even after 18 months. I can't explain it. Certainly, the thrills of the first few weeks have diminished, but it's still at a level way beyond stepping into a "means of transportation". Maybe it has something to do with my "hobby" as a racing driver, because this car is the closest to a race car I have ever driven on the road.

    On a side note, although I never intended to brainwash my 3 year old daughter, her "world of cars" is divided in "cars" and "Porsches". When my wife tells here to get in the "car", she always protests "No mommy! It's the Porsche!". Very funny, but sometimes embarrassing when we're among the less fortunate of this world...


    Re: The magic never ends

    Great post! I know what you mean. I have been driving Porsches for quite a few years and my current 997 for just over three - I still am excited to drive it! On a side note, the current car I own is the longest I have ever owned any car! Three years and one month and counting!! I have to say though I did get bored of my 996 after a year or so, I ordered it, waiting 6 months for delivery and sold it in just over 12 months. The reason, it was my first and last tiptronic!

    I like the facelifted 997 but not enough to sell my current car! I might keep both!!

    Your daughter will be that much wiser and smarter when she is older - she will most certainly pick the right man too - no looser driving a piece of crap!

    Re: The magic never ends

    Great story -I have a similar issue with my daughter, she thinks everyone drives Porsches - and she is going to get a black one when she can drive - I tell her to work hard at school!


    Re: The magic never ends

    Great story and awesome wheels..I hope their still available on the FL 997

    Re: The magic never ends

    Great story and what a cute daughter. We're expecting our first child (a girl) in 3 weeks and I'm seriously considering the FL 997 so she can go on weekend drives with mommy and daddy. Prior to the baby I might have just bought a Cayman so this kid is already costing me $30K in upgraded the car alone!

    Re: The magic never ends


    Thanks for sharing!! Awesome story and great picture - I always enjoy reading stories that confirm my feelings/love for Porsche!

    Enjoy your beautiful/awesome Porsche in excellent health.

    Re: The magic never ends

    Love the post - know exactly what you mean..

    Re: The magic never ends

    Nice story !

    Belgium is still a country where you can enjoy driving a porsche. Nice roads and not too many speed cameras... well at least in some good areas.

    For, he'd be more like a 12 year old dream that will come true ... in still a few years I'm afraid.

    For your daughter, it's going to be like her 3 year old dream ...

    Re: The magic never ends

    amazon said:

    Belgium is still a country where you can enjoy driving a porsche. Nice roads and not too many speed cameras... well at least in some good areas.

    There are a few for definite, particularly around Spa. However, your concrete dual carriageways are just the noisiest, god d@mn awful roads ever.

    Re: The magic never ends

    Be sure Philippe, the magic never stops... I' m fortunate to drive my 4th p already and still i'm thrilled to give it a go...
    The best thing is that you have another dailydriver and everytime you switch cars the lovestory goes on and on...

    Oh my! I'm really getting possessed i suppose

    Re: The magic never ends

    Bought my 1st Porsche in August 06'. a well equipped 997 coupe. Like you, I was thrilled to achieve ownership of a 911, a dreamfinally realized after decades of admiration of the marque. Now, going on 2 years and almost 10k miles, the car never disappoints. The value of the base coupe reigns apparent day after day with me. A Fabspeed exhaust, some wheel spacers, a passport srx (self-installed) along with fac options like bi-xenons, 19"classic wheels,heated leather/power, Bose sound,self dimmers, colored crests,mats, and auto dimm mirrors all for under 80k U.S. is quite a value. Sure I'd love a GT3, but for now I'm on cloud #9. P.S. My 4 year old grand son self coined the Carrera "The Race Car" when he sees it.

    Re: The magic never ends

    Nothing beats the first I think and I know exactly what you mean. I'm on no.3 now and I still get a thrill everytime I drive it.

    Re: The magic never ends

    Agreed. I saw my first Porsche nearly 44 years ago, a 356C, and I didn't even know what it was at the time. A few years later, I saw a 912 (I knew what it was by then), and when I moved to a part of the U.S. where I could have a lot of fun driving a 911, I had to get one!!!!!!! As the advertisements in the U.S. (and I suspect elsewhere also say), "Porsche, there is no substitute!" More than two years later, I still feel the same way. Despite the higher price, I cannot believe there is a better sports car for the money than a Porsche 911 Carrera.




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