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    997 C4S Cab - New Owner - PCM Questions

    Hi Guys,

    Just took delivery of my shiny new 997 C4S Cab, and have to say I really love it.

    I have a couple of questions that I have searched for on here, but could not find answers too.

    At the moment most seem to be centered around the use of the PCM.

    Its unfair to say that its not intutive at this stage, but for a so called german company design it does not seem very logical compared to the DVD sat nav system in my other cars, and Audi A6 and a Land Rover Discovery 3.

    The problems I have come across do far are:

    Why is the method of data entry so slow, by using the scroll wheel, for example, you have to go thru all letters to get to numbers, etc and to change case? are there any short cut keys?

    My car has the phone option, and I want to easily get numbers into it, but is seems that there is two address books, one for the phone and one I presume for the sat nav address's, can you dial numbers from the sat nav address book if so how?

    Whilst entering data yesterday, I noticed that the infrared port on the front of the pcm was advertising itself to my PDA. However I have tried sending data from the PDA and Phone address books via IR, the PCm says the name of the contact as contact_name.vcf file rejected!

    So my question here is there any way to send data to the IR port on the PCM, if so what format does it accept?

    I know that the IR port on the PCM is there to send data out from the electronic logbook, but it does seem from the promiscous mode it is in that it can recive data too!

    Thanks in Advance,


    Re: 997 C4S Cab - New Owner - PCM Questions

    Many congrats on your new car.

    I must say I'm impressed by the complexity of the questions you asked for someone so new to the car!

    1) Data entry: I'm afraid so. 2 address books! It's so silly. I guess satnav and telephone are separate modules so they have separate address books. I think they should have realised that it would have been better to 'fuse' the address books for customers who chose both options!

    2) IR: nope - that's for electronic logbook only AFAIK. The simplest way is to transfer data from a SIM card to your car phone.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

    Re: 997 C4S Cab - New Owner - PCM Questions

    Hi Easy Rider,

    Many thanks for the very fast response, much appreciated.

    I have a lot of experience with systems like these as I was one of the first to break the codes on the Land Rover menu system, so that we coould get into the most based transport system, to get integration working for rear camera etc, well before LR even released it to the general market. Of course the LR systems also has two phoenbooks, one for voice activation and one for the seperate phone system network.

    Its all good fun though eh!!!

    Also thanks for the congrats, I have only wanted a 911 for about 20 years!!!

    So its head on into my mid life crisis now!!!

    Thanks again,


    Re: 997 C4S Cab - New Owner - PCM Questions

    Congrats on my turn! You've entered into a really new fascinating world, not just an image driven well-advertised car.

    Traditionally, new owners/entrants post pixz of their cars, try to do so if you personal ettiquette falls into this. Otherwise don't bother about it, I haven't done so either.

    As far as your questions are concerned I strongly believe you've discovered a lot of the PCM's functional faults and with no doubt its outdated interface. P-world is really a fascinating one although not always at its best when it comes to man-machine digital interaction. There is a lot other more you'll experience in the long run.

    One last for the road> Do you really believe this car will let you go through your so-said mid life crisis in a significantly relaxed way?

    (Just wondering, not a blunt comment)

    Re: 997 C4S Cab - New Owner - PCM Questions

    Sadly, you have discovered many of the disconnects in the PCM which does not make using the navigational system very easy. If you happened to have order the multi-function steering wheel most of those functions are found on the wheel,--and are a little easier to 'fat finger in' but the menus are the same. I would love to learn who Porsche selected to write this code! (They are not American, I can assure you!)


    Re: 997 C4S Cab - New Owner - PCM Questions

    I don't think it's only a matter of code, but basically of the general interface and object-oriented design. I'm not sure that the code is pretty much scrap but I do agree that unluckily it has been written by any other human race on the planet but Americans!

    Re: 997 C4S Cab - New Owner - PCM Questions

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the feedback, I think we all know where we stand with so called features such as these.

    I should know, I work in the software industry, the only profesion in the world who can have a fault pointed out to them from a customer, and turn it around in to a new an as yet undocumented feature!!!

    I will see what I can find out about any tips and tricks that may help us all in the day to day use of our own PCM systems.

    Thanks again,




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