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    Re: GT3 Tour and Tune Motor Trip

    This is all the evidence you need !  -


    The claims made by Jonathan Stuart Oakley are being investigated now by the British Motoring Association, the ARDS Association and we have also written to the BBC as his claims to be the STIG on Top Gear need to be addressed. We have also written to the BBC to ask them if they wanted to show his profile in the BBC Program Roque Traders. We also wrote to Porsche GB as his claims of his association with them go further then any we have ever seen.

    All Replies..Below ARE: -  100% Proof that Jon Oakley is a total Liar. No defamation when honesty is to report the truth, the facts, expose this person and help STOP him from using it for financial gain ) 

    The BBC has written back to us and have confirmed that Jonathan Stuart Oakley or Jon Oakley is not known to them :

     tthanks for your e-mail.

    The man you mention isn't known to the 'Top Gear' team therefore we're unable to help further.

    Thanks again for taking the time to contact us with your concerns.
    Gemma McAleer

    BBC Complaints

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    >{Programme Name:} Top Gear
    {Network:} BBC1
    >>>{Summary:} 17059321
    >>{Complaint:} Mr Jonathan Stuart Oakley (Jon Oakley)

    Pre 2006           Managed by Jonathan Palmer and Palmer Audi Championship 

    They have written the following about this and I assume this as the truth unless otherwise proven:

    “we will be attempting to contact Jon Oakley and/or Martin Crouch to get their assurances that they will remove all references to being managed by Jonathan Palmer and involvement in Formula Palmer Audi from their website and any printed literature as this is completely untrue.”

                             ARDS qualified Instructor

     They have written the following about this and I assume this as the truth unless otherwise proven:

    “can now confirm that I have heard from Ian Forrest (Vice Chairman of A.R.D.S.) this morning with information that Jon Stuart Oakley is NOT an A.R.D.S. licenced instructor and is now under investigation by the Motor Sports Association for misrepresentation.”

    Re: GT3 Tour and Tune Motor Trip


    Wow , impressive

    So you've hacked his website , are you sure this is ok ?  

    Re: GT3 Tour and Tune Motor Trip


    This message is from a Rennteam Moderator and is addressed to the following people:



    Rennteam does not exist to provide a channel for people to fight their legal disputes.


    I will politely state the following just once:

    I do not expect to see any more posts from Design911, Oakley Design and STIGt2 on Rennteam that specifically relate to their disputes with each other. Any further posts by them of that nature on Rennteam will be deleted.


    @STIGt2: My above post was crystal clear.

    I wrote that I do not expect to see any more posts from Design911, Oakley Design and STIGt2 on Rennteam that specifically relate to their disputes with each other.

    That means no more posts from you on this subject.


    RT Moderator - 997.1 Carrera S GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, short shifter, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen collection



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