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    What version of Nav DVD for late '05, '06?

    Those with late production '05 or '06 with NAV, what's your version number on the DVD map disc?Perhaps that info could be found on the outside of the DVD case. Thanks in advance,


    Re: What version of Nav DVD for late '05, '06?

    My late production 05 car (delivery July 6th) came with Navteq Europe DVD 04.2005.

    Re: What version of Nav DVD for late '05, '06?

    I have a 06/05 built 997.
    NAV was pre installed in my car from factory.
    However as a normal procedure Porsche does not supply the Nav DVD on the day of delivery of the vehicle.
    About 3-4 days later the disc will arrive in a FED-X envelope.
    I received my disc on 7/26 and it is ver. # 10.20004
    As soon as I inserted the disc it screwed my entire PCM.
    See my post

    Re: What version of Nav DVD for late '05, '06?

    My Jan 05 build Boxster was supplied with Europe disc 10.2004. And hopelessly out of date. A major road opened 18 months ago (M6 toll) isn't on it. I now wish I'd saved the money for the PCM and just bought TomTom Go. The BMW I bought 5 years ago had TMS on it - has the Boxster? - NO!

    Re: What version of Nav DVD for late '05, '06?

    oneofew said:
    However as a normal procedure Porsche does not supply the Nav DVD on the day of delivery of the vehicle.

    I took factory delivery and the DVD was already in the car's navigation DVD reader. Seems that they have changed their procedure at least for German and maybe European cars. IIRC, someone else already mentioned that on another thread.

    My NAV system had almost NO ROADS up near Lake Tahoe....

    I was up in the Lake Tahoe area and the NAV system only had MAJOR highways. Once I arrived in any of the smaller towns there were NO ROADS at all on the map and it said "OFF ROAD" - not good. I'm going to call NAVTEQ and see if there is an update.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use a different BRAND of NAV DVD in the PCM? My buddy was traveling with me had his Range Rover and it showed all the small towns and little roads...

    Re: My NAV system had almost NO ROADS up near Lake Tahoe....

    Just spoke to NAVTEQ the NAV DVD supplier for Porsche. They said the DVD that Porsche chose is NOT FULL COVERAGE. So the small towns are not in the data. So $85,000 car, $3,000 NAV system and the small town aren't even on the map..... GREAT.... WTF?? If you go off the beaten path you are just [censored] out of luck.....

    Re: My NAV system had almost NO ROADS up near Lake Tahoe....

    I'm sorry to say that for me, NAV has been disappointing. The times that I've used it, it's given me the wrong directions most of the time. In fact, the only time it's worked OK was when I had to take my 997 back to the dealer and I plotted a course from Newport Beach to Circle Porsche in Long Beach. On top of that, the user interface is not very good.

    Slightly off topic. I was in a new Toyota minivan last week and the NAV was on. The NAV had two views, side-by-side: a detailed map and a zoomed-out map. Pretty cool.

    I guess if you want a Porsche, don't expect the latest in high tech.



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