RC said:
The C4S is a poser car, I'm sorry to say that. Performance mongers go for a 997 CS, track addicts go for the 997 GT3 and power mongers go for the "real" thing, the 997 Turbo. The C4S just satisfies the needs of people who want to have a nice and aggressive/wide looking Porsche but don't want the Turbo engine due to financial reasons or, as unbelievable this might sound, because the turbo engine is too powerful for them and they don't want it or don't see any reason to go for it. I don't want to offend anybody but I never understood why somebody would buy a C4S and not the Turbo.

But of course the C4S is a beautiful car, no doubt about it.

finally someone has the balls to say it.

thumbs up RC.