You're welcome John.

Yes, I do love chocolate - I'm more of a connoisseur of fine chocolate (especially Belgian) - so I don't generally like to eat the less good quality stuff. But sometimes, even Milka will do for a quick sugar rush!

Glad you liked the photos. I was also treating this thread as a 'dry run' to practise how to upload pics on this whizz bang new website. It really did my head in last night. I have decided to wait for Rennteam 2.0 to bed down properly before I tackle the task of posting 1016 photos for my USA trip! I've been writing a commentary in the meantime - it's much more detailed than the commentary I posted in my Europe trip thread. It has far more detailed description and impressions. I'm doing that now before I forget anything. I will then continue enhancing hundreds of pics after that and then, sometime in the future, when I can bring myself to face using this website for a BIG thread - and when it is working in a more user-friendly way - then I will share that USA thread. I know that will be many months after the USA trip - but trust me, it will be really very special and well worth the wait. It will be a complete pictorial story of the journey. Like something Michael Palin would do - just to share with all you guys...

997S GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen collection: I love this car!!!