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    perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    hello everyone. yesterday i picked up my new basalt black 997, LOVING IT!, and the dealer is strongly suggesting i immediately put a coat of something called 'perma plate' to protect the paint from swirl marks, bird droppings, sap, etc, and also i won't have to wax the car ever...does anybody know if this really works? how long does it last? are there other brands i should first consider and who else performs this type of work besides the dealerships? the dealership wants $1300. are there any negative effects to doing this (lots of questions:-)

    thank you in advance to everyone. this board has been a great source of info during my 5 month wait!

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    That sounds like a horrendous rip off!!! First off, there is NO magic product that will stop swirls, nor is there any product that does away with the need for ever waxing your car. Without getting into long and drawn out thread about products etc. You would be far wiser to spend your money on a professional detailer who will wash the car, clay it, use whatever polishes are required to remove any swirls/light scratches that will inevitably already be present then will apply a high quality polymer sealant (Klasse AIO&SG are great examples....these are the high end equivalent of the 'perma-plate' your dealer is trying to peddle.) And if you've got a really great detailer they'll then apply a top coat of wax after the sealant has cured...this will add the depth to the paint that polymers typically fall short on.

    It should cost @ $200 to have a proper exterior detail/protection. What seperates the good from the bad regarding detailers (particularly on a dark colored car like yours) is their skill with an electric mop. Used properly you will have a completely flawless paintjob, used badly you'll have swirls, scratches, halo effects etc.

    I'm afraid that dealerships are pretty clueless when it comes to detailing.
    If you are in the LA area and would like the name of a high end detailer send me a PM.

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint


    I'm happy for your new 997. Bassalt looks very nice when car is cleaned so I can see your temptation getting the "Prema Plate". But be careful, $1300 is a lot of money for someone to clean and wax your new car! They say it is not a wax and it will protect from various things... I'm embarrassed to admit that I was talked into it. The thing does make your car look shinny, however it is questionable if it protect from things you mentioned. I had a little tree sap and it did yellowed the spot slightly. Since my car is dark color you can't tell but I can, lol. Bugs on front bumper sticks too. I have to clean it on the same day. If you read the manual, not the one page card, it says you need to reapply it every 6 months and for dark colors every 3 months. I was like wt*. I don't see any differences from high quality wax products. It come with fiber/leather guard. This thing makes your interior color darker which actually I liked it. I suppose it is protecting interior from the Sun but can't tell yet.

    At least I negotiated price down to $450 for both ext/int. (I think even $450 is a rip off) So my thinking is if you can get it cheaper than $450 maybe ok but if you have to pay more than $1K get the 3M plastic thing. Dealers do anything to make more money. If the product is that great Porsche would do it from the factory, just IMHO.

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    Just wax it yourself, it will cost you less than 15 bucks.

    Dealer is trying to get money out of you and they are pretty good at this. I'd tell your dealer to get lost and go to anther dealer for maintenance. That shows how small their consideration for customers is. It's unprofessional IMO to suggest rip off tricks like that to customers.

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    I agree.. Picked up my 997s cab 2 wks ago, and they tried selling me that stuff for $1300- Not worth it! I'm sure at least a grand of that is profit, and not worth it IMHO. You are a Porsche owner, you will be taking care of your car much more so than average owners of other vehicles, a nice detail and daily TLC and I'm sure you will be fine.

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    Welocme GDC!

    A. your car is brad new - waxing it maybe too much work... simple wash with quality drying materials should do the job just fine.

    B. What has worked for me in the past and present having 3 cars in black is the maguires detailer every wash and Auto Glym Wax every 2-3 months.

    C. Whats Important IMO are really the cloths that you use and ofcourse how it's used there many available for a lot less than $1300.00 got to Griots Garage there's plenty of stuff on that site that helped me. the most recent tips I've gotten, some may sound funky but worth the try, are from rennteam members like

    Leaf Blower to dry the cars - texas911
    Drying/polishing cloths - CLOTH 1 CLOTH 2 CLOTH 3 From Stradale.
    the Maguires info I got from 69bossnine

    Good luck 'ol chap just imagine how many cars will drive by seeing you wash such a magnificent car. have fun!

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    I just purchased an Audi A3 for my son and when it came time to sign the paperwork I knew I was going to get the pitch for extended warranties and protectant sealers. They wanted $561 to apply the perma plate. Isn't it funny that it cost half as much to do an Audi as it does a Porshe? Of course I told him no thank you and had to initial a document to decline these options!

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    Complete and total BS. Tell them you expect them to remove all the hardware and trim before re-spraying your car with a clear "paint." They'll say, "Huh?" Walk away because it's gonna be a sloppy, "quick and dirty" application of a coating which might be a PITA to remove.

    BTW, don't you think Porsche and other car mfgrs have figured out how to concoct a durable paint? This product they're offering must be some super secret miracle polymer that Porsche and all other car mfgrs are salivating to get their hands on. (yeah..., right)

    Also BTW, GET RID OF BIRD DROPPINGS ASAP! They will burn thru any paint or clear coat in just a few hours (minutes?). make up and carry a little kit (spray water, paper towels) to remove the stuff as it greets you when you get back to your parked car.

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    My dealer is peddeling the same product. So I've been doing some research on protective sealants for my soon to arrive black/black 997S (1st Porsche) and found this product and website I even talked to Charles the owner/creator of the product and his system has the only US Patent. It's used for private aircraft and by the Navy to perserve the paint on their ships. Checked out the testimonials too and all were amazed! Before I splash this elixir on my dream mobile, can I get some feedback.

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    MMD said:

    Also BTW, GET RID OF BIRD DROPPINGS ASAP! They will burn thru any paint or clear coat in just a few hours (minutes?). make up and carry a little kit (spray water, paper towels) to remove the stuff as it greets you when you get back to your parked car.

    Agreed. Timing is everything.

    A better option than water and paper towels (to reduce scratches and swirl marks) is to carry a little bottle of detailers spray and a small microfiber towel for this and other messes (such as splattered bees or bugs on the paint).

    There are a lot of products out there. As an example, I use the following:
    microfiber from

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    It's scary that high-end Porsche dealers are lowering themselves to the "Scotch-Guard" and "Polycoat" tactics of every local Chevy and Ford dealership nationwide!!! LOL!!! Do they disappear behind a corner, and then re-appear in a plaid Herb Tarlick suit before they make the pitch??

    "Perma Plate".... Oh brother.... And if you fall for that, I've got some Florida swamp land you might be interested in. Wax or Poly every 3 months or so (you'll be fine twice per year, depending on how often you wash your car), and keep her clean, gently, in-between waxes. People who have a tough time keeping black looking good, destroy their own paint due to laziness, negligence, or cluelessness (or any combination thereof). Just avoid all three of the aforementioned traits, and your Basalt with glimmer for years!! Congrats on the new 997.

    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    Plus on most of these so-called protectors if you dont carry out instructed after care using THERE brand cleaning products your warranty becomes void ( what a shock ). Its a con ..


    Re: perma plate and other protective coats for paint

    the first and last time i got suckered into that "perm-mission to rip you off- plate paint protection" was when i bought my IS300 after reading a forum about that i just went nuts...

    They got me still after a great deal on the car....

    Bravo to all!



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