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    Re: Alonso Drives the Mclaren SLR


    That incar camera, was amazing to watch, he puts 110% to give the maximum experience to the co-pilot....

    Love the video!!!, thanks for sharing it !

    Re: Alonso Drives the Mclaren SLR

    I don't want to be unpolite:

    First of all, thanks for the link.

    Second: a funny promotional stuff.

    Third: under a "sport" point of view, the video is really "exotic" (or should I say "Turistic")....but nothing else. Very well oriented to sell celulars to teenagers....

    Let's hope Alonso will be competitive next weekend (And I am one of his "fans"), but I feel that things will be really difficult for him...

    If with all this "disatvantages" (Ferrari very competitive, and a DEPREDATOR in the same team) he is succesful (And there is a lot of ingredient in chance and good luck), I think he will shut a lot of mouths.

    In any case, if he's not so succesful, I'll still think he's an extremely brilliant pilot and a pure champion(In spite the fact I'd won't be so impressed as the jouneyman in the video.....what would happen to his heart if he did a track with Sebastian Loeb! jajaja)

    The fact is that this year we have more than one potential "winner" in the track. And that is very good for the sport.

    I beg your pardon if my thoughts went ahead the matter of the post.....but I'm anxious to see F1!

    BTW, can't remember who and when (thanks again), posted a video in Yourtube of The Master Rörl in Arganil (Portugal Rally), just take a look, and you'll see what is piloting, and the huge diference this is, refered to selling cellulars and making a few easy and "light" slides with a 9' Pianoforte....plase, we are already grown ups!

    Re: Alonso Drives the Mclaren SLR

    I anticipate Barcelona too! I think also Renault will do better this race. It might be a F1 4 team Battle Royale between BMW, Mclaren,Ferrari and Renault.

    I might be Nicks time to win something! A BMW suprise at Barcelona:!

    Re: Alonso Drives the Mclaren SLR

    That SLR makes a very nice noise

    Re: Alonso Drives the Mclaren SLR

    Great video, Alonso seems like a really nice person. It is a pleasure to watch him race.

    Re: Alonso Drives the Mclaren SLR

    Thanks for the video Skazzy

    They actually managed to find a guy smaller than Alonso to ride shotgun

    The SLR does sound amazing, I used headphones when I watched it and the sound inside the cabin when the SLR is at idle at 0:22 and 0:25 sounds like when I'm running some seriously deep (30 hz and below) testtones through my subwoofer at home

    As for the Barca GP this weekend - FORZA FERRARI

    Re: Alonso Drives the Mclaren SLR

    my pleasure guys Alonso seems like a good driver (duh) loved the high speed drifts he did in the vid. lol, im sure that SLR does wonders compared to his old clio V6

    ...and Im with you, this years F1 is definitely exciting!

    Re: Alonso Drives the Mclaren SLR

    Girlieman drives like a sissy.



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