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    Fabspeed headers, sport cats, mufflers,

    After getting the fabspeed mufflers hooked up, I liked em so much, I figured it would only get better with the sport cats, and headers. I figured as long as I was doing that it couldn't hurt to use a GT3 modified throttle body, and giac tunning, and an EVO intake.

    I've only driven about 20 miles with the new gear, but I must say it's interesting! Very big difference in sound. I love Fabspeed mufflers, alone they just weren't enough sound, but with the headers, and cats, it may be too much.

    The car is definately faster, no questions there. More torque too. i judge that by breaking the rear end loose after I turn off the stability control.

    It sounds clean too, once it's warmed up. It does make some funny noise right after start up, before the pipes heat up. The system looks very nice, if you take a look under the rear.

    I'm not sure how I like it yet, as I haven't had a chance to test it, but so far, I think it's all good.

    Price was right too! and no check engine lights either.

    Re: Fabspeed headers, sport cats, mufflers,

    Hey Burbank,

    How much did it cost? Is the sound as nice as PSE? I'm in Socal too where did you get it installed?

    Re: Fabspeed headers, sport cats, mufflers,


    I'm also considering the Fabspeed, but worried about it being too loud. Can you carry on a conversation without having to shout? I'm just wondering how much louder is it than stock? I heard that it doesn't void the car's warranty. Is that true?


    Re: Fabspeed headers, sport cats, mufflers,

    I would like to hear more about your impressions of the upgrade after you drive it a bit more. (Wish we had before and after dyno data as parts were added!)

    I had the Fabspeed mufflers on my 'old' '99 996 and they were great (also had the GIAC chip and cold air intake).

    As mentioned I have also heard that it does not woid the warranty and the BEST part is that it saves about 40 lbs + (do you have the exact figure).

    It's sounds like a good (& cheap 4-5K) alternative to X-51 for those with early 997S motors that can't be fitted with the X-51. I bet the sound is much better than the PSE! (Fabspeed - if you are reading this I would like my free parts as soon as possible! )

    Re: Fabspeed headers, sport cats, mufflers,

    I'll say this about the mufflers alone, they are fantastic. I had them alone, with tips before I went for all the other mods, and they were fantastic. They do not void the warrantee, the weigh 28lbs less, and they sould great. They are not too loud. They are quieter than PSE. The sound is so much different than stock. Gone is the rattle you hear on stock. It's deeper, no tinny sound anymore. The only downside I felt was that it wasn't loud enough. It's really a pretty quite system, but louder than stock. The mufflers are made from very heavy stainless steel, that has an awsome finish. It keeps the sound in very well. IT's loud from behind, but you don't hear much inside the car...and I have a cab.

    The entire system, with sport cats, headers, intake, gt3 throttle body, and Giac flash tuning is very loud. This may be too loud for a cab. It's out of hand frankly. Thankfully I have six gears, and I can keep it in a quite one when needed. It is much faster. with the throttle body, the giac flash tuning, cats, headers, and mufflers, and Evo intake system, it's supposed to give an addional +40 hp. I don't know about that, but I can feel it for sure. More torque, no question, because I can break the tires free (traction control OFf) much easier. It sounds like an F1 car.

    I got it done at Speed Gallery. If you want to get your done, let me know, because I have an extra set of headers and sport cats available. My friend is trading his 997 in for a tt, and he's got all the kit on his car. He's got to take it off before he trades it in.

    The stuff (exception of Throttle body, and Giac) is very easy to install. If you have a lift, you can do it yourself. Don't try it with jack stands though. You said your from SoCal. Give me a call and you can check mine out., I'm right here in burbank.

    Re: Fabspeed headers, sport cats, mufflers,

    I think the chip changes the throttle response( front loads similar to the sport chrono) So maybe that is why you are breaking the wheels loose easier now. Although I don't doubt that you added hp with all the changes you did.

    Re: Fabspeed headers, sport cats, mufflers,

    Neil Schneider said:
    I think the chip changes the throttle response( front loads similar to the sport chrono) So maybe that is why you are breaking the wheels loose easier now. Although I don't doubt that you added hp with all the changes you did.

    Do you mean NO hp or just not 40 hp? I believe that has some dyno charts that show before and after. I will have this done at ImagineAuto here in KC soon and since they have a dyno I will do a before and after test run for us all.



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