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    The dealer just called!!!

    The dealer just called this evening to let me know that the car arrived at the Brunswick GA port today. They said with a little luck it just might show up by the end of the month. I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep for the next several days. DAMN!!! I'm just pacing the room like an expecting father, This is just killing me..

    How in the world did you guys cope with the wait?

    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    congratulations Tony

    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    My girlfriend saw it being unloaded and called me. I was there forty-five minutes later. Within two hours I was driving it. It seemed like an eternity.

    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    Congrats Tony!
    I had my car on the same boat (Rockies Hwy). Waiting for the trucker to get it to Atlanta.
    Dealer says I should I have it by Wed/Thurs.

    07 TT - GT Silver/Nat Grey

    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    Congrats to you all! I know how you guys feel now...I went through that a couple weeks ago! Hang in there! The delivery date will be upon you folks before you know it!

    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    I know just the thing to cure your impatience. Just think of all of us whom have deliveries MONTHS!! from now. Be greatful you are so close. Congrats! I am jealous.

    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    Awesome, congrats Tony and Shashi. I hope you enjoy your cars as much as I'm enjoying mine.

    Shashi, I'd love to see pics of your car after you get it, havent seen that color combo yet.

    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    I waited over 12 months for mine. A couple of weeks won't kill you. In the meantime, get the 'nursery' ready. I spent that time prepping the garage floor and then painting it.


    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    I feel your pain...I am still a couple of months away...perhaps we need a support group...although I suppose this is it!

    Re: The dealer just called!!!


    Hang in there, the wait is worth it. You will love your Turbo!!


    Re: The dealer just called!!!

    congratulations....hope you don't have a lot of other un-important busy work that will prevent you from enjoying your turbo even on those rare times when it's in the garage at say, midnight....looking forward to pix, reports etc. see it really is gonna be time consuming being a comitted rennteamer



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