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    Hummer H2

    Sorry about off topic. But I want to see you guys comment on H2 cause' I am looking for 4WD (non-Japanese car). Anyone had experience this car?

    Re: Hummer H2


    i don't own a h2 but they are every arround me where i live (LA). please do yourself a favour, and NOT buy one of these. they are just a big pile of [censored]. for starters, they are based ona Chevrolt Suburban, which is a pretty basic full size SUV. so all the "tough" looking crap on that H2, is really just for looks, dosn't do any usefull.

    i have driven a h2 a couple of times, someone at my work has one, i just can't understand why people would buy such crap. but hey, it's a free country.

    anyways, looking at your beatyfull and very impressive list of cars (congrats btw), a Cayenne, X5, etc. would fit much better into your lineup.

    please... don't buy a h2, don't reward GM for producing such bull$#!^.

    good luck,

    ps: sorry for all the harsh words, nut things like the h2 make just angry...

    Re: Hummer H2

    haha~~~ thanks a lot for your opinion. I think I won't consider H2 anymore. In this case, I may look for some high performance SUV.

    Re: Hummer H2

    Agree, stay away - its basically suburban in discise...

    Besides Cayenne and X5 i would also consider Range Rover...

    Re: Hummer H2

    The Hummer is v poor!

    I'd be thinking Overfinche Range Rover or the Cayanne turbo. Not sure if you can get the overfinche in HK take a look.
    Wouldnt go for the X5, bit common really. If it was my money I'd go Range Rover, not as fast or very good round the bends but much classier and better looking with the right bits and kicks arse when it goes off road.

    Re: Hummer H2

    X5 and Cayenne is very common in HK, you can see it everywhere. That's why I didn't put it on my 1st consideration list. Range Rover is a very beautiful 4WD but the image is a bit too mature.

    I think I have never seen "OverFinche", may be it's about marketing.

    However, I think Cayenne is still a good choice.

    Re: Hummer H2

    Chris Lo said:
    Sorry about off topic. But I want to see you guys comment on H2 cause' I am looking for 4WD (non-Japanese car). Anyone had experience this car?

    This may be off-topic on the Sports Car Board but not on the Cayenne Board so I hope no one minds if I move it there, while at the same time adding my two cents.

    First of all, while I don't think the H2 would be a good choice either, it is much more (and less) than simply a rebadged Suburban.

    It does start with a Tahoe/Suburban chassis, but with about 7 inches taken out of the middle, giving it a substantially shorter wheelbase. Front and rear overhangs are also reduced so that the H2 is actually 9 inches shorter than a Tahoe. It is also wider by about 2 inches.

    The tires on an H2 are genuine off-road capable B F Goodrich All-Terrain. I spent a week in Moab Utah and it was my observation that this was the tire of choice on about half the off-road vehicles there, even the highly modified ones. It was clearly the favorite all terrain tire. Hummer's version is the 315 x 70/17. This tire is over 34" tall. Compare that with the Range Rover's 30" tall 255/55 19 or the Cayenne's 29" tall 255/55 18.

    The drivetrain is quite different from the standard GM package. It has a BorgWarner locking center differential and Eaton locking rear axle as standard equipment. Suspension components have all been beefed up to withstand some off-road abuse. Many skidplates have been added in critical areas, again standard.

    All this adds up to a very rugged and capable off-road vehicle. The shortened wheelbase and overhangs, along with the tall tires, give it impressive approach and departure angles and generous ground clearance.

    The downside to all this is that the H2 has been a bit unreliable. If GM had simply rebadged a Tahoe the H2 might have been better in this respect. If I recall correctly, the H2 had the highest number of complaints of any vehicle in the J D Power survey.

    Also, is off-road capability important to you? If not, there are certainly better choices. I would agree with most of the ones mentioned above. If you are looking for an SUV, but intend to stay on the pavement, the X-5 and Cayenne are your best choices. Both are highly cabable on-road performers and offer safe and predictable handling. With the Cayenne you could also have credible off-road capability. Of all SUV's available, the Cayenne has the widest range of on-road/off-road performance.



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