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    Aftermarket anti-roll bar: usefull?

    While I am getting mentally and physically ready for the first track-day with my 996 C2, I heard that an anti-roll bar significantly improves the stifness of the front of the car: at least for 993's that's what I heard from several folks. Is it equally usefull on a 996?

    Thanks for any experienced advise

    Re: Aftermarket anti-roll bar: usefull?

    yes, in fact porsche makes them, get the Euro 030 kit, you will notice a huge improvement,

    i believe it is standard kit on the GT3

    for your carrera, they have a packadge called X74 sells them

    Re: Aftermarket anti-roll bar: usefull?

    You don't need a stiffer an-tiroll bar if this is your first track day in your 996. You need more track time. As you get more proficient with your car, you can easily adjust the handling with tire pressure changes and then alignment changes. Focussing on anti-roll bar stiffness is a mistake without looking at the whole package (shocks, springs, ride height, alignment, wheels, tires, tire pressures, goals for track day events, etc.) and that includes your driving skills.

    Re: Aftermarket anti-roll bar: usefull?

    apex is right, you should get some serious track time in your car before you start modding it for the purpose of imporving track performance.

    Re: Aftermarket anti-roll bar: usefull?

    I thank you for your suggestions on prioritising my track-preparation as opposed to spending $$$ on preparing the car. You're quite right.
    Yesterday I took a look under the front boot. Left and right of the battery, under the black covers, I noticed a solid black steel bar linking the two suspension headers... Is this not what they call an anti-roll bar ????? Now for sure this one was mounted in the factory. What's then the value-added of adding an after-market one???

    Re: Aftermarket anti-roll bar: usefull?

    Presume that would just be a strut for chassis stiffness. An ARB is different.

    Re: Aftermarket anti-roll bar: usefull?

    The strut between the two headers is improving chassis rigidity, especially the torsional one (Domstrebe in German).

    The anti-roll bar should be the metall bar, usually roughly shaped as an U, that connects the suspension linkage on the left and right side of each axle.

    Changing one anti-roll bar can extremely change the handling of the car, I wouldn't recommend it either. Especially not without keeping an eye on the rest of the suspension.
    The GT3 not only uses different anti-roll bars, shocks and springs than the std. 996, but several suspension parts should be different either. In fact the GT3 is, despite less equipment, heavier than the Carrera!

    I have to agree with earlyapex that you should concentrate on your driving and that your car is in decent shape.
    You might not find your limits on the very first track day so keep cool and don't spend to much money and time on the car in advance. In fact a modified suspension can make the car much more difficult to control so better stick to the std. susp. first!

    Try to find someone very experienced and ask for a ride - you might figure the difference to your own driving pretty soon... And don't try to copy his or her driving style and cornering speeds right afterwards, because there is way more about driving fast than mashing on accelerator and brakes!

    Anyways, have a lot of fun! Greetings!



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